400G DWDM Capacity

400G over Single DWDM Wavelength

Video streaming, increasing data volumes, 5G network backbone, working from home, and growing business requirements all create extreme bandwidth demands that require deploying high capacity fiber optic networks or expanding existing network infrastructures, making 400G wavelength capacity a priority technology.

Cost-effective high-capacity transport solution supporting ZR, OpenZR+ and Open ROADM 400G pluggable modules, with integrated EDFA, mux/demux and optical switch in 1U.

The 400G products support a flexible variety of the latest 400G line optics, such as high performance CFP2-DCO, QSFP-OpenZR+ and QSFP-ZR, and different standard FEC modes such as C-FEC as defined by the OIF, O-FEC as defined in the Open ROADM standard, and SD-FEC for high performance demanding links. The CFP2 pluggable module used in these devices also provides ultra-long-haul connectivity in PacketLight's 200G product line.

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The product line includes OTN muxponders and transponders and is designed for full visibility and performance monitoring of the optical transport layer (OTN). It supports a mix of 10/25/100/400Gb Ethernet, 16/32G Fibre Channel and OTU2/OTU4 service interfaces over a single 400G wavelength. 

 Diagram of 400G PL 4000T point to point application

Figure 1: Diagram of High Capacity 400G Transport over 650 Km, Scalable to 1.6T

The flexible, modular 1U supports muxponder and transponder operation modes expandable to 64 channels, delivering up to 1.6Tb/s across a robust, scalable, redundant, and low latency solution. It delivers better performance in less space with lower cost per bit, optimizing the link budget.

The solution provides secure transport per service or per uplink, with embedded Layer-1 encryption based on GCM-AES-256 standards and Diffie-Hellman (DH) Key Exchange and supports different protection schemes against fiber cut or equipment failure. 

Diagram of 400G Point to Point Metro Application

Figure 2: Diagram of P2P Metro Application with 400G/λ over 600 Km

The devices are modular and interoperable with any third party vendors’ switches and routers, enabling easy and cost-effective service rollout or expansion of existing network capacity without requiring hardware replacement, supporting both current and future services and applications.

Diagram of 400G point to point DWDM over 3rd Party

Figure 3: Diagram of P2P Metro Application with 400G/λ over Third Party WDM Backbone

Expansion of fiber optic network capacity must be fast to effectively meet evolving bandwidth needs. PacketLight's 400G DWDM/OTN products increase network capacity per wavelength, improving spectral efficiency and reducing cost per bit in DCI, metro, and long-haul applications. The use of pluggable modules easily increases capacity, significantly reduces power consumption, simplifies maintenance and support, and enables real pay-as-you-grow architecture.

PacketLight's 400G integrated solutions include mux/demux, amplifiers, and an optical switch in a low power consumption 1U footprint, facilitating simple migration to 400G networks with optimal performance. The disaggregated approach eliminates vendor lock-in, while the standardized, certified plug-and-play optics lower maintenance costs and maximize the value of existing infrastructure and connectivity.

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