200G DWDM Capacity

200G over Single DWDM Wavelength

Growing demands for bandwidth in the data center interconnect (DCI) global market, have resulted in the need to maximize transport capacity per single wavelength, while increasing spectral efficiency and lowering the cost per bit.

Scalable OTN transport solution with optional embedded Layer-1 encryption.

PacketLight's muxponders and transponders for 200G capacity over single wavelength cost-effectively increase the DWDM and OTN nework bandwidth in DCI and metro networks. The muxponders transport 20x10GbE over a single wavelength cutting the number of 10G wavelengths needed by a factor of 20, simplifying the complexity and management of the network, and reducing the overall CAPEX and OPEX. The transponders aggregate 2x100GbE over a single 200G DWDM wavelength.

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The 200G devices support a flexible mix of 10/40/100Gb Ethernet, 8G/16G/32G FC, STM-64/OC-192, OTU2/OTU2e/OTU3/OTU4, and 12G-SDI (PL-2000M) client service protocols in muxponder and transponder operation modes, combining different protocols and rates over a single 200G coherent OTN uplink.

Diagram of 200G DWDM Network PTP Connection

Figure 1: Diagram of P2P Metro Application with 200G/λ over 600 Km

200G capacity is attained by using a coherent CFP2 16QAM uplink within the C-band spectrum. This enables reaching spectral efficiency of up to 96 x 200G DWDM channels sharing the same fiber over a distance of 600 km, using high-performance inline amplification.

The solution provides secure transport per service or per uplink, with embedded Layer-1 encryption based on GCM-AES-256 standards and Diffie-Hellman (DH) Key Exchange and supports different protection schemes against fiber cut or equipment failure.

Diagram of 800G DWDM PTP Network

Figure 2: Diagram of High Capacity 4x200G Transport over 1000 Km, Scalable to 19T

The data capacity facilitated by 200G per single wavelength is 19.2T per pair of fibers, over 96 channels. This modular solution enables easy and cost-effective service rollout or expansion of existing network capacity, easily scaling from 10GbE and 40GbE to 100GbE client interfaces without requiring hardware replacement, supporting current and future services and applications.

The solutions are standards-based ITU-T G.709 with forward error correction (FEC) G-FEC/HD-FEC/SD-FEC, and are interoperable with any OTN standards-based third party client and network.

Diagram of 200G PTP DWDM over 3rd Party

Figure 3: Diagram of P2P Metro Application with 200G/λ over Third Party WDM Backbone

As the devices enable the transport of 20x10GbE over a single wavelength, there is no need to replace existing 10G infrastructure to increase capacity and improve network efficiency. The products also support up to two optical amplifiers and an optical switch for diverse fiber path protection, providing the full optical layer solution in a 1U device.

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