100G OTU4 Solution

The increased demands for data storage and cloud services between data centers has driven the development of high throughput 100G DWDM solutions for short haul networks.

Demarcation of multi-services mapped into a standard OTU4 uplink interoperable with any third party 100G network equipment.

Direct modulation is the best solution for short haul networks as it consumes significantly less power, is more cost-effective, and can answer the distance requirements for most metro area data centers.

Direct modulation enables enterprises to easily expand their 10G and 40G networks and support 100G applications, and to achieve higher throughput and meet current and future bandwidth requirements without changing existing fiber infrastructure and/or rack space needed within the data center.

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100G direct modulation technology using 4x28G wavelengths is suitable for cost-effective <120 km applications, where spectral efficiency is less crucial. The solution comes in a 1U chassis device with pluggable uplink optics.

PacketLight’s 100G product suite is modular and easy to implement and use. Its small footprint of standards-based 1RU makes it an ideal solution for enterprise networks. The solution allows enterprises to connect high capacity data centers within metro areas, multiple offices and buildings, and university research centers.

It also enables enterprises to add the 100G link over their existing networks or connect to third party transport equipment using PacketLight equipment as edge CPE device.

100G Direct Modulation Products

PacketLight’s 100G direct modulation optical solutions operate on a greenfield network as well as over existing 10G networks and seamlessly increase their capacity to 100G.

Diagram of DWDM 100G Direct Modulation

Diagram of Expansion of Capacity by Aggregating Mix of Services into a 100G OTU4 Uplink
The products support 10G/40G multi-rate muxponder and 100G transponder modes in the same product. This design enables smooth transition from 10G/40G to 100G client interfaces without replacing the DWDM transport equipment when the client interfaces change. Each 100G muxponder can combine 2x40G and 2x10G services, 1x40G and 6x10G services, or 10x10G services.

By integrating PacketLight’s sub-10G MSS muxponder with 100G products, enterprises can aggregate any protocol and service from 100Mb/GbE, 1/2/4G Fibre Channel, STM1/4/16, OC-3/12/48, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, 3G-SDI and DVB-ASI into an OTU2 mapped over the 100G OTU4 uplink, building a 100G backbone network.

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