100G coherent DWDM technology enables transport of 100G data rate capacity over a single wavelength across long distances.

PacketLight's 100G coherent products offer high throughput and cost-effective transport solutions with optional Layer-1 optical encryption. The integrated 1U devices can also provide a simple, cost-effective upgrade to existing infrastructure, supporting 10G and 40G muxponder mode and 100G transponder mode in the same device, enabling seemless migration between 10G, 40G and 100G technologies while utilizing the same platform.

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Network expansion using multi-rate muxponder or transponder on 10/40/100Gb Ethernet with, mix of services

The 100G DWDM transponder offers transport capability and smooth transition from 10/40G to 100G client interfaces. Each 100G solution combines 10G, 40G and 100G client rates, supporting flexible multi-protocol mix of Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SONET/SDH and OTN services. Connecting the PL-2000 sub-10G multiservice provisioning platform (MSPP) as a client to the 100G muxponder allows service providers further aggregate sub-10G services such as 100Mb/GbE, STM1/4/16, OC3/12/48, 1/2/4G FC and SD/HD/3G-SDI into 10G OTU2, over a single 100G solution, delivering service rates from 100M up to 100G.

100G Coherent DWDM Technology

Figure 1: Example of 100G Ring Application

PacketLight’s coherent solution supports a soft decision (SD) FEC layer and embedded digital signal processing for chromatic dispersion tolerance of up to 40,000 ps/n. High spectral efficiency, SD-FEC, and dispersion tolerance have made it easier to reach longer distances with less expenditure on optical infrastructure, and eliminate the need for regenerators along the network, also reducing CAPEX and OPEX.

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