DWDM for Data Center Interconnect

High capacity 10G/100G/200G data center interconnect solutions, offering encryption, low latency and easy scalability. Read more

WDM Solutions for Enterprises

Building high capacity, self-managed cost-effective private fiber optic data center solutions. Read more

DWDM for Financial Institutions

DWDM solutions for building private networks, offering a mix of Ethernet and Fibre Channel services, low latency and Layer-1 encryption. Read more

Smart City Fiber Network

Managed high capacity fiber optic network smart city solutions, for aggregating information on city activities into a NOC. Read more

Alien Wavelength Solution

Efficient and cost-effective increase of capacity in existing OTN and DWDM networks. Read more

OTN/WDM for Carriers & ISPs

Standards-based OTN/DWDM networks for building backbone infrastructure, expanding capacity of existing networks, or providing managed services. Read more

WDM Managed Services

Advanced managed services offerings for carriers and dark fiber providers. 10/40/100Gb Ethernet, 16/32G FC, video, fiber monitoring, Layer-1 encryption. Read more

Fiber Monitoring & Diagnostics

Non-intrusive OTDR & OSA monitoring solutions to ensure network quality and security, and improve SLA. Read more

WDM for Research and Education

WDM solutions for building carrier-grade infrastructure for education networks. Read more