DWDM for Data Center Interconnect

High capacity 10G/100G/200G data center interconnect solutions, offering encryption, low latency and easy scalability. Read more

DWDM for Financial Institutions

DWDM solutions for building private networks, offering a mix of Ethernet and Fibre Channel services, low latency and Layer-1 encryption. Read more

Alien Wavelength Solution

Efficient and cost-effective increase of capacity in existing OTN and DWDM networks. Read more

WDM Managed Services

Advanced managed services offerings for carriers and dark fiber providers. 10/40/100Gb Ethernet, 16/32G FC, video, fiber monitoring, Layer-1 encryption. Read more

WDM for Research and Education

WDM solutions for building carrier-grade infrastructure for education networks. Read more

WDM Solutions for Enterprises

Building high capacity, self-managed cost-effective private fiber optic data center solutions. Read more

Smart City Fiber Network

Managed high capacity fiber optic network smart city solutions, for aggregating information on city activities into a NOC. Read more

DWDM Solutions for Utilities

DWDM solution for building backbone or offering services that support a mix of client protocols. Read more

OTN/WDM for Carriers & ISPs

Standards-based OTN/DWDM networks for building backbone infrastructure, expanding capacity of existing networks, or providing managed services. Read more

Fiber Monitoring & Diagnostics

Non-intrusive OTDR & OSA monitoring solutions to ensure network quality and security, and improve SLA. Read more