Teleprotection over DWDM Transport Solutions for Utilities

PacketLight WDM solutions are unique 1U platforms for transmitting multiple teleprotection interfaces as well as Ethernet, SONET/SDH and PDH signals over low latency fiber optic communication network.

Utility companies must provide secure and uninterrupted service for their customer and are responsible for the critical infrastructures such as electricity, transport and water, which requires complex infrastructure for comprehensive protection and control, ensuring reliability and safety for users, workers, and the equipment. To this end, utility companies have been using protection relays together with communication links, also referred to as teleprotection.

Teleprotection uses a complex set of relays and high speed communication equipment to identify power faults on high voltage lines, transformers, reactors and other electrical equipment, and isolates and shuts down faulty areas selectively, protecting the whole power grid from damage. As this is a mission-critical component, there are several critical demands placed on teleprotection infrastructure, including hardware and link redundancy, low latency in the communication network, and constant monitoring and self-test capabilities.

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The five must haves of optical networks for utility networks: Reliable, Flexible, Low Latency, Managed, Long Haul


PacketLight optical transport solutions provide reliable high capacity links for networks that cannot afford any downtime. The devices have power (AC/DC) and fan redundancies, 1+1 fiber line protection with less than 50ms switch-over time, and support different levels of protection.


PacketLight solutions enable to easily scale existing network capacity without replacing existing SONET/SDH infrastructure or adding fibers, by adding wavelengths to the existing fibers, scaling the number and type of services transported over the same fiber. This solution facilitates a cost-effective upgrade and provides the flexibility to use different vendor hardware seamlessly over the same infrastructure. The solution frees fiber resources by multiplexing several teleprotection interfaces, as well as carrier Ethernet and SONET/SDH, over the same fiber, ensuring a clear signal path for relay communication.

Low Latency

PacketLight’s solutions provide low latency transparent communication ensuring fast fault isolation, and low delay variation between relays.


PacketLight’s DWDM, CWDM and OTN products are remotely managed and monitored through an embedded web-based GUI, or through any third party SNMP system. This makes daily activities and service provisioning intuitive and time-saving, and enables close supervision and fault isolation. The equipment is simple to install, operate and maintain using free web-based EMS and PacketLight LightWatchTM NMS.

Long Haul

PacketLight's DWDM and CWDM products offer utility networks carrier class infrastructure for providing managed services with multi-rate and multi-protocol capabilities for long haul network applications. The products are designed in a cost-effective 1U, making them easy to install, enable fast network deployment, take up minimal rack space and have low power consumption, significantly reducing OPEX and CAPEX.

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