Alien Wavelength Solution

Alien wavelengths enable to drive more capacity over any existing OTN/DWDM network infrastructure.

PacketLight’s alien wavelength solution enables network providers to increase existing network capacity and offer additional private wavelength services such as encryption, without replacing existing infrastructure. This eliminates the need for large investments in infrastructure.

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Solution Review

Benefits of the alien wavelength solution:

  • Cost-effective upgrade of existing network to support the need for more capacity and better spectral efficiency, without replacing or changing infrastructure.
  • Solution for customers with sensitive data who do not want their information transmitted and shared on an existing wavelength, or aggregated with others.
  • Releases bottlenecks in the network by reducing the number of wavelengths or fibers needed.
  • Supports transparent wavelength services, enabling service providers to provision solutions such as video and storage or encrypted services, and transport them as a pure wavelength over the existing infrastructure.
  • Provides flexibility to use different vendor hardware seamlessly over the same infrastructure, forming disaggregated network architecture.

PacketLight’s product family of 10G (OTU2), 100G (OTU4) and 200G (OTU2C) muxponders and transponders provides an affordable alien wavelength solution. The products fully comply with ITU standards for DWDM and OTN. The devices are a 1U chassis, which enables easy deployment and maintenance, for fast and cost-effective upgrade to higher capacity.

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