What is this white paper about?

Two types of fiber were developed: single mode and multimode, both continue to be used today. Single mode (SM) optical fiber has a small core diameter, which forces the whole light signal to travel in single mode, dramatically increasing the bit rate over distance. SM fiber is a laser-based focused light source, so it requires more expensive and precise electronics for data transport.

Multimode (MM) fiber has a larger light path core diameter. Light propagates in multiple modes, each taking a slightly different path through the fiber and travelling at a slightly different velocity. MM optical light source is based on low cost LEDs and electronics, making MM fiber networks a cost-effective optical connectivity solution. Low light concentration makes MM application suitable for short distance optical communication networks.

Extending multimode fiber capabilities enhances the network ROI and frees up valuable resources, saving significant operational expenses.

This white paper discusses how to maximize the use of multimode fiber in different applications, extending capability to up to 2 km with PacketLight’s WDM product suite.