Optical Transport Network Solutions

What is this white paper about?

Optical transport network (OTN) has evolved to be the preferred technology for building dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) backbone and long distance optical networks. It offers unified optical encapsulation layer, OTU2, which maps all common 10G interfaces (e.g. 10GbE and STM-64/OC-192). In addition, the embedded forward error correction (FEC) defined by the OTN layer improves the link budget and optical signal to noise ratio (OSNR) in long distance optical networks which are frequently based on optical amplifiers (EDFAs).

As the demand for high-speed data services continues to rise, carriers and service providers accommodate customer demands for high throughput by offering DWDM dark fiber managed services. This pushes the OTN toward the access and optical CPE, which perform the mapping of different client interfaces into the carrier OTN layer. This enables to offer and easily deploy high bandwidth managed services as part of the carrier’s optical end-to-end DWDM infrastructure.

PacketLight’s 1U compact DWDM solutions perform OTN encapsulation and mapping ; multiple high bandwidth client services are mapped over the OTN layer and multiplexed together over the same fiber. Voice, video, storage, and data services are multiplexed over one fiber optic cable from customer premises directly into the optical network backbone, enabling long distance network solutions.

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