What is this white paper about?

SLA enables service providers to offer reliable and fast support to all customers. PacketLight products integrate features that provide fast and accurate information such as alarms, events, and performance monitoring, sent to the network manager, even before the customer notices the problem.

A set of built-in diagnostic tools provide accurate fault isolation to the specific link/network element and optical module so that an engineer can be dispatched to the correct site as fast as possible, staying within the SLA committed response time and service quality criteria.

This white paper explores some of the diagnostic tools integrated into PacketLight's solutions and aid network managers in reducing network downtime and maximizing SLA commitments.

The following diagnostic capabilities are reviewed:

  1. EMS/NMS 
  2. PRBS (pseudo random binary sequence) generators and testers
  3. Loop back
  4. Fiber attenuation monitoring
  5. Dying gasp