Data Center Backbone Connectivity

What is this white paper about?

Data centers have become an essential part of modern IT infrastructure. Many large and medium organizations are dependent on data centers and facilities networked together, to support daily operations, disaster recovery, and data updates in real time while providing protection in the event of service interruptions. According to analysts, 90% of 149 ZB of global data projected for 2024 is expected be replicated data.

To support the organization, data center interconnect (DCI) networks need to deliver high capacity, along with redundancy, enhanced data security, and low latency (a must for markets such as finance). Other key characteristics include the flexibility to transmit a mix of Ethernet and Fibre Channel services and rates, and the scalability required to rapidly adapt to evolving business needs. These networks also need to deliver a high level of performance, while maintaining regulatory compliance.

In this white paper, we review technical requirements for DCIs and the hardware involved, and review case studies to better understand the solutions.

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