Alien Wavelength Solution

What is this white paper about?

Alien wavelengths enable to drive more capacity over existing OTN/DWDM network infrastructure. The solution enables network providers to increase existing network capacity and offer additional private wavelength services such as encryption, without replacing existing infrastructure. This eliminates the need for large investments in infrastructure, as the wavelength is added to the network as needed, with clear ROI.

The increasing use and development of technologies such as 5G and automation, and growing consumption of the Internet of Things (IoT), 4K and video content have all lead to high demand for bandwidth. This poses a major challenge for service providers with scaling existing WDM networks that do not have enough transport capacity. Although a sudden surge in requirement for bandwidth may be planned in advance, it also may occur without warning despite best efforts to accurately forecast demand, as different segments in the network may expand unpredictably.

Alien wavelength solution enables to connect high capacity 100G/200G wavelengths over existing third party vendor DWDM network. It can be an add-on, providing high capacity wavelength, utilized to release wavelengths and/or as an encryption add‑on to an existing backbone. The solution has numerous variations, none of which require any changes to the network backbone infrastructure.

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