Alien Wavelength Solution - RETN, Russia


ISP upgrades existing 10G network to 100G

PacketLight Alien Wavelength solution upgrades existing 4,000 kilometer network to 100G

At a Glance

Company: RETN
Location: Russia
Industry: International Internet Backbone Service Provider

Challenge: Build low latency 100G network over existing 10G network, spanning 4,000 km, using compact equipment.

Solution: PacketLight’s long haul muxponder transponder solution was selected, as these devices are compact and simple to integrate.

Success: The solution provided the required expansion, building a low latency network with redundancy and full remote monitoring.


RETN is a group of companies whose goal is to develop an international fiber optic backbone with high capacity and to provide telecom-associated services to enterprises, carriers, ISPs, hosting and cloud providers and government organizations. RETN is a one-stop shop for telecom services.

RETN’s backbone connects 37 countries across Europe, Asia and North America and is heavily present in the high growth markets of Eastern Europe and Russia.

RETN’s network provides the majority of traffic exchange in the countries it passes through and carries a large part of international traffic in Russia and Ukraine. Their overall fiber mileage spans over 3 continents and exceeds 73,000 kilometers.

The Challenge

RETN had to meet customer demands for increased capacity in Eastern Russia and the Volga region. The challenge was to create a low latency optical 100G network over an already existing 10G network, that would span over 4,000 kilometers and connect 18 nodes (some located in major Russian cities), with full add/drop capabilities.

The solution had to be compact so it could easily integrate into nodes with existing fiber optic equipment. It also had to be reliable carrier grade equipment with standards-based protocols and full OTN integration, and full remote management and troubleshooting capabilities. The solution had to be implemented with no disruption to services already running over the existing infrastructure.

"PacketLight products proved operable, easily adjustable and agile equipment."
Ilya Nikishin, CTO, CJSC RetnNet

The Solution

PacketLight Networks was selected because of the compact size of its devices, intuitive operation and solution flexibility.

PacketLight provided a solution based on its 100G product suite. The carrier grade PL-1000GT Long Haul Muxponder Transponder DWDM solution gave RETN a 100G throughput rate in a compact, easy to configure, 1U chassis, with seamless integration into their existing 10G infrastructure.

The PL-1000GT enabled RETN to build the 100G route using the alien wavelength method where a single wavelength is taken from an existing DWDM infrastructure and utilized to create a layer of network with additional services.

In this case, 100G throughput capacity over 4,000 kilometers with full add/drop capabilities in 18 nodes along the 100G route.

The solution seamlessly integrated into RETN’s existing standards-based OTN infrastructure and was simple to set up and deploy.

Ilya Nikishin, CTO at CJSC RetnNet: “PacketLight products proved operable, easily adjustable and agile equipment. Essential advantages of this equipment are also compact size, low electricity consumption and cost-effectiveness. All these features are very important for us because the basic ideas in the development of the RETN backbone network are high quality, failure resistance and high level of responsibility to the interests of clients. For sure, PacketLight equipment will be used further for construction and modernization of RETN’s network”.


PacketLight’s solution provided the required expansion as well as redundancy to RETN network, with full remote monitoring, a dedicated optical supervisory channel (OSC), and possibility for line protection. In addition, the solution’s low latency and low power consumption mean RETN could reduce its operating costs.

By opting for PacketLight’s active WDM solution, RETN achieved the project goals, in a cost-effective and scalable manner. 

RETN Network Map, PacketLight Alien Wavelength

RETN Network

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