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Why choose PacketLight?

PacketLight Networks develops and manufactures leading DWDM and OTN equipment for the transport of data, storage, voice and video protocols over data center interconnect (DCI), metro and long haul fiber optic networks. PacketLight devices include optional embedded Layer-1 encryption that enables the secure transport of up to 400G per wavelength.

What makes PacketLight stand-out?

  1. Our highly integrated transponders and muxponders deliver up to 4.8T capacity in just 1U form factor, integrating amplifiers, mux/demux and optical switch. This saves rack space, simplifies management, and generally reduces network costs.
  2. Our high quality devices adhere to the strictest standards, making them key to the network’s reliability.
  3. Our devices do not require an expert in optical networking, as they are simple to install, maintain and configure with our user-friendly web-based GUI and our LightWatch network management system (NMS).
  4. Our flexible transponders and muxponders support a variety of protocols and rates and customers do not need a license to activate ports or change the service type of a port.
  5. Our ROADM devices are open and do not require a license for adding wavelengths or degrees.
  6. Our standardized pluggable modules make growing the network simple and cost-effective, and ensure there is no vendor lock-in.