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Optimized Metro and DCI Networks to PacketLight Partners

By Koby Reshef, PacketLight CEO

Digital technology evolves at a fast rate, and existing infrastructures can become outdated before the return on investment (ROI) is fully realized. So finding ways to expand throughput and efficiency over existing WDM infrastructure can go a long way in extending the time of that ROI, while saving carriers and enterprises the capital expenditure it would take to build out new expensive networks. The new Channel Partner Program (CPP) for enterprise VARs and resellers by PacketLight Networks has been designed to optimize and cost-stabilize metro and DCI networks so organizations will be able to manage the massive amount of data that is overtaking the infrastructures that are in place.

Hosted cloud, on-demand video, streaming, social media and business continuity are some of the services that are generating the large amount of bandwidth intensive data stressing network infrastructures. PacketLight enables organizations to build-out or upgrade their existing networks cost-effectively without investing in network elements such as rack space, cooling, additional hardware for security, repeaters and more.

The PacketLight CCP is going to bring the company's line of products for optical transport solutions for high speed optimized metro and high security DCI networks, and make it available for its members. The Channel Partner Program will have product training, customization, pre- and post- sales support by sharing business leads and 24/7 technical support. According to the company, this will increase the number of opportunities while strengthening existing customer relationships and growing revenue.

“We developed the Channel Partner Program to provide our Partners with tailored marketing and support services in order to help them cope with the growing data demands outpacing infrastructure with on-demand video, streaming, social, business continuity and security requirements. Deploying CPP is to show our existing partners, and new ones, that we rely on each other for success,” said Koby Reshef, PacketLight's Chief Executive Officer.

PacketLight has a range of WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) and OTN (Optical Transport Network) products for secure transport up to 200G per wavelength over dark fiber, WDM and OTN networks of any mix of data, storage, video, TDM and ATM protocols.

The 1U WDM is an integrated compact solution that helps increase fiber utilization while maintaining flexibility and achieving higher ROI for carriers, dark fiber and content service providers, data centers/campuses and enterprises with their existing infrastructure in a pay-as-you-grow model.


Published in Transforming Network Infrastructure
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Koby Reshef CEO, PacketLight Networks

Koby Reshef has more than 25 years of experience in both the technical and marketing aspects of the telecommunication industry. He brings extensive knowledge of a variety of technologies such as storage networking, optical networking, ASICs, and wireless communication solutions. Before being appointed as CEO, Koby managed PacketLight's HW design team. Prior to joining PacketLight, he served as a senior R&D Manager at Teledata (ADC). Koby has an MBA from Netanya Academic College and a BSc in Computer Science from Tel-Aviv University.