The Future of Fiber Optic Tech - A Video Interview

With the future being ever more data centric, requirements have rocketed for ever-greater storage and ever-faster ways of accessing and transferring that data.

PacketLight delivers the entire optical layer transport solution its customers need to handle and transport data in huge quantities and at superfast speeds, with maximum security and no disruption.

A leader in its field, PacketLight has remained at the cutting edge of technology for more than 20 years in a very competitive industry.

So, to find out more about the company's past, present and future, iTWire's Alex Zaharov-Reutt spoke with Koby Reshef, CEO of PacketLight Networks.

Koby is extensively experienced in both the technical and marketing aspects of the fiber optics industry, and judging by his bio and after speaking with him, Koby clearly knows his stuff!

Koby shared what encouraged PacketLight's founders to start the company back in 2000, and what the company's first product was when it started. Koby also shared his own history in the world of tech, and the future.

Published in iTWire
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