Encryption over 100G DWDM Coherent Wavelength

PacketLight muxponders and transponders for 100G capacity over single wavelength. Embedded Layer-1 encryption based on GCM-AES-256 standards and Diffie-Hellman (DH) Key Exchange provide secure transport per service or per 100G uplink. Encryption over 100G supports the following services: 10/40/100Gb Ethernet, 8G/16G/32G Fibre Channel, OTU2/2e/OTU3/OTU4, OC-192/STM-64.

Benefits of PacketLight’s Layer-1 Encryption Solution

  • Encryption of all the data transmitted over the fiber, with no omissions
  • Transparent, maintains full bandwidth of the traffic
  • Beneficial for low latency applications
  • Covering the physical fiber tapping detection
  • Interface with existing DWDM infrastructure and Telco OTN networks
  • No need to change or upgrade Layer-2/3 switch/routers

100G Coherent Ring Network with Layer-1 Optical Encryption

Figure 1: Encrypted Ring Application

Figure 2: Long Haul Optical Encryption over 100G

PL-2000M Supporting 100G encryption over long haul link

Optical Encryption Applications

  • Government and data center connectivity
  • Banks, credit card companies and other financial institutes
  • Cloud providers and ISP backbone
  • Utilities and essential infrastructure
  • Feeder of encrypted services to existing OTN
  • Managed encrypted wavelength services offered by service providers
  • Internal data center secured connectivity

Products for 100G Encryption

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