PacketLight’s PL-300 provides passive optical layer functions for 4-96 DWDM wavelength mux/demux, 4-16 CWDM wavelength mux/demux, optical dispersion compensation module (DCM), optical add and drop (OADMs), splitters and combiners.

PL-300 Passive WDM Solutions  - Optical Infrastructure Products


The PL-300 passive optical network products in 1U chassis interconnect seamlessly with PacketLight’s transponder, muxponder, amplifier and ROADM product lines, and third party WDM products, to form cost effective high capacity DWDM and CWDM solutions.

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Flexible Design

The PL-300 provides high granularity wavelengths add and drop capabilities and offers a large set of passive optical modules that are tailored the customers’ network requirements.

Key Advantage

WDM passive modules for single or dual fiber

Complies with ITU standards, interoperable with PacketLight's active product portfolio, and integrates with any third party network.

Powerful Feature Set

The PL-300 device supports a wide range of CWDM and DWDM mux/demux, OADMs and DCMs in various configurations, suitable for any type of CWDM, DWDM, OTN and ROADM network building block.

PL-300 Diagram

PL 300 Passive Solution Diagram

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  • Passive transparent any rate, any service multiplexing
  • Compliant with all optical networking products (ITU grid)
  • DWDM passive optical mux/demux supported configuration: 4/8/16/44/48/88/96 channels
  • CWDM passive optical mux/demux supported configuration: 4/8/16 channels
  • Integrates up to four DCMs
  • OADM for 1-4 wavelengths
  • Supports single and dual fiber operation
  • Expansion of existing fiber capacity regardless of service type
  • Building scalable high capacity pay-as-you-grow optical networks
  • Convergence of existing networks and new services over existing infrastructure
  • Low cost fully passive optical layer solution, transparent to service rate and type
  • Extending the fiber optical solution reach for 10GbE services with DCMs
  • Building cost-effective add and drop networks
  • Enables stackable solution of 100G/sub-100G products
  • The solution can be customized per customer application requirements
  • Standards-based and can integrate with third party solutions
  • Scalable solution that allows customers to expand as needed, saving significant operating costs and vital resources