Fiber Optic Network Diagnostic and Monitoring

PacketLight’s PL-1000D fiber monitoring system constantly and non-intrusively monitors wavelength quality and faults in the fiber.

PL-1000D Fiber Optic Network Monitoring Device

The PL-1000D fiber monitoring system facilitates non-intrusive fiber optic network monitoring, providing carriers, dark fiber providers, utilities, and enterprises real-time network diagnostics and improved service level agreements (SLAs).

Non-intrusive OTDR and OSA fiber monitoring
Remote real-time fiber optic network monitoring and diagnostics.

The device integrates an optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) and an optical spectrum analyzer (OSA) into a 1U box for minimal rack space and improved CAPEX and OPEX. The PL-1000D saves costs and time as it reduces the need to send technicians to the field, and the need for dedicated test equipment. 

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PL-1000D One-pager

Flexible Design

The PL-1000D simultaneously monitors up to 16 fiber strands, eight on the OTDR and eight on the OSA, and operates standalone over dark fiber, lighted fiber, or a third party network without impacting network traffic. The device monitors the entire DWDM C-band spectrum and provides the optical spectrum, OSNR, and OTDR measurements of the fiber.

Powerful Feature Set

The PL-1000D consists of two mechanisms for monitoring live fiber optic networks: OTDR and OSA.


The OTDR locates fiber cut by sending high powered optical pulses into the fiber and creating Rayleigh back-reflections. The returning signals are measured and calculated, indicating the accurate location and intensity of the fault. The OTDR supports GIS (Geographic Information System) using Rest API, enabling precise geographic location of disruption. This capability enhances operational efficiency, optimizes resource allocation, and ultimately supports meeting service level agreements (SLA).

PL-1000D OTDR DiagramOTDR Diagram

The OTDR alerts the user of changes in the fiber quality and performance, and displayed graphically in PacketLight's LightWatch NMS.

PacketLight LightWatch NMS OTDR Graphical Display
Graphical Display of the OTDR, from PacketLight's LightWatch NMS


The OSA enables the user to monitor the OSNR and optical spectrum of each fiber and shows a full, accurate and detailed picture of the wavelengths used in the fiber.

PL-1000D OSA Diagram
OSA Diagram

PacketLight LightWatch NMS OSA Graphical DisplayGraphical Display of the OSA, from PacketLight's LightWatch NMS

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  • The device can be used as an optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR), optical spectrum analyzer (OSA), or both
  • Monitoring up to 16 fibers simultaneously, 8 by the OTDR and 8 by the OSA
  • Controlled using PacketLight web application or PacketLight’s Lightwatch™ NMS
  • OTDR:
    • Integrates 1:8 optical switch and OTDR
    • 30dB fiber loss
    • Embedded 1610nm OADMs
    • Accuracy 15m
    • Dead zone of 5m from transmitter
  • OSA:
    • Integrates 1:8 optical switch and OSA
    • Embedded splitters
    • Support full C-band
    • Supports 50GHz or 100GHz ITG grid
    • Measures the power, frequency and OSNR of the optical channels in the fiber
  • 1U footprint 19"
  • Dual AC/DC PSU
  • Hot swappable fan unit 
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy to use, easy to maintain
  • Monitoring dark fibers service/infrastructure
  • Monitoring lighted DWDM fibers
  • In service OTDR measurements for DWDM networks
  • In service OSA measurements for DWDM networks
  • Detection of fiber tapping
  • Simultaneous OTDR of up to 8 fibers
  • OSA monitoring of up to 8 fibers
  • Controlled using PacketLight web application or PacketLight’s Lightwatch™ NMS
  • In service fiber monitoring
  • Can operate over dark fiber or over third party network
  • Integrates with other PacketLight solutions
  • Detection of fiber tapping attempts 

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