100G Long Haul Muxponder Transponder

PL-1000GT 100G Coherent DWDM Muxdponder and Transponder for Long Haul Networks PL-1000GT

PacketLight’s PL-1000GT is a modular muxdponder/transpondersolution for cost effectively building 100G coherent DWDM long haul (up to 2,500 km with standard inline EDFA) DWDM networks.

The PL-1000GT uses pluggable optical modules on all client optical interfaces, as well as standard-based protocols on both client and line.

PacketLight’s LightWatchTM NMS/EMS system and user-friendly web-based management tool allow comprehensive line and service performance monitoring and easy network management.

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Flexible Design

The PL-1000GT is designed for transporting a mix of 10G/40G/100G over long haul networks on a single 100G wavelength, reducing the overall solution CAPEX and OPEX and increasing the capacity of the optical transport solution by a factor of 10.

Powerful Feature Set

The PL-1000GT 1U device can operate in both transponder and muxponder modes and supports multi services such as 10G/40G/100G LAN, STM-64/OC-192 SDH/SONET, 8G Fibre Channel and OTU2/2e/OTU4 OTN.

The device supports performance monitoring on both client and OTN lines. It can compensate for chromatic dispersion of 40,000 ps/nm and, with an integrated optical amplifier, it can cover 45dB without intermediate sites.

Key Advantage

Efficient Long Haul Transport

Provides ease and flexibility to transmit a mix of services over a single wavelength in challenging long haul applications.

PL-1000GT Diagram

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  • 100G coherent muxponder and transponder in one box
  • User-configurable muxponder options:
    • 10 x 10G client services into 100G DWDM uplink
    • 2 x 40G LAN + 2 x 8/10G client services into 100G DWDM uplink
    • 1 x 40G LAN + 6 x 8/10G client services into 100G DWDM uplink
  • Supported clients: 10G/40G/100G LAN, 8G Fibre Channel, STM64/OC192, OTU2/OTU2e/OTU4
  • PacketLight’s highly integrated 1U architecture
  • Coherent OIF standard-based tunable uplink covering over 2,500 km
  • Standard MSA pluggable optics for 100G-LR4/ER4/SR10 client interface
  • Performance monitoring on all interfaces
  • Out-of-band OSC or GCC in-band remote management
  • Dual DC power feeding and pluggable fan unit
  • Building efficient DWDM long haul networks with up to 2,500 km spans
  • Increasing the capacity and spectral efficiency of existing 10G/40G long haul networks
  • Alien wavelength over existing third party WDM infrastructure
  • Carriers and ISPs which require high capacity long haul backbone
  • Backbone for utility, oil, gas and mining industries
  • Backup links for an existing 10G/40G/100G network
  • Long haul connectivity for data center, cloud computing and video application
  • Easy and flexible transmission of mix of services over a single wavelength in long haul applications
  • Ability to transport 10G/40G and 100G services in one box
  • High spectral efficiency for long haul solutions
  • Tunable DWDM 100G uplink which can be used as an alien wavelength over any existing DWDM network
  • 1U with integrated EDFA for high attenuation links