100G to 4.8T DWDM Product Suite

PacketLight 100G/200G/400G DWDM and OTN muxponders, transponders, and ADMs transport any mix of up to 400GbE, and up to 32G FC services. The devices support short haul, DCI, metro, and long haul network applications.

600G Muxponder / ADM

High capacity transport platform for delivering 400G over a single wavelength for coherent metro, long haul, short hall and DCI applications. Read more

1.6T Muxponder / Transponder

High capacity transport platform for DCI, metro and long haul applications, delivering up to 4 x 400G wavelengths. Read more

4.8T Transponder

Integrated transport platform for delivering 100GbE and 400GbE over 12x400G wavelengths, for high capacity DCI applications. Read more

800G Optical Transport Platform

Highly integrated 1U solution with four 200G pluggable optical modules, delivering 8 x 100Gb Ethernet or OTU4. Read more

200G Single Wavelength Muxponder

1U device for DCI and metro applications supporting a flexible mix of services and Layer-1 encryption per service or per uplink. Read more

200G ADM for Short Haul

1U device for short haul applications, supporting a flexible mix of services and Layer-1 encryption. Read more

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