PacketLight 100G/200G/400G DWDM and OTN muxponder/transponder/ADM devices support any mix of 10GbE, 40GbE, 100GbE and 400GbE, and 8G/16G/32G FC services. The products cover a variety of applications and market segments including short haul, DCI (data center interconnect), metro, and long haul networks.

PL-4000M - 400G MuxponderPL-4000M

400G Muxponder

High capacity transport platform for delivering 400G over a single wavelength for coherent metro, long haul, short hall and DCI applications. Read more
PL-4000T - 1.6T Transponder/MuxponderPL-4000T

4 x 400G Transponder / Muxponder

High capacity transport platform for DCI, metro and long haul applications, delivering up to 4 x 400G wavelengths. Read more
PL-4000G - 4.8T TransponderPL-4000G

4.8T Transponder

Integrated transport platform for delivering 100GbE and 400GbE over 12x400G wavelengths, for high capacity DCI applications. Read more
PL-2000DC 1.6T DCI Optical Transport PlatformPL-2000DC

1.6T Transponder for Data Center Interconnect

16 x 100Gb Ethernet or OTU4 high capacity platform in 1U, for data center interconnect, cloud and colocation providers, and high capacity applications. Read more
PL-2000T - 800G Optical Transport PlatformPL-2000T

800G Optical Transport Platform

Highly integrated 1U solution with four 200G pluggable optical modules, delivering 8 x 100Gb Ethernet or OTU4. Read more
PL-2000M 200G Single Wavelength MuxponderPL-2000M

200G Single Wavelength Muxponder

1U device for DCI and metro applications supporting a flexible mix of services and Layer-1 encryption per service or per uplink. Read more
PL-2000ADS Muxponder and Transponder for 200G Short Reach Optical NetworksPL-2000ADS

200G ADM for Short Haul

1U device for short haul applications, supporting a flexible mix of services and Layer-1 encryption. Read more