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WDM & OTN Products

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PacketLight Networks offers a wide range of WDM (wavelength division multiplexing) and OTN (optical transport network) products, that support any mix of data, storage, video and TDM services including 10/40/100/400Gb Ethernet and 8/16/32G FC over dark fiber, WDM and OTN. PacketLight solutions have embedded optional encryption that enables secured transport of up to 400G per wavelength.

PL 2000T PL 2000M System Connected

PacketLight’s product suite is reliable and cost-effective, and the most integrated 1U solution of its kind. The solutions enable carriers, dark fiber and content service providers, data centers, research and education campuses, and enterprises to increase their fiber utilization while maintaining flexibility and achieving higher ROI.

PacketLight’s products are deployed and supported by our partners, distributors, VAR’s, and customers worldwide.

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100G to 4.8T DWDM Product Suite

PacketLight 100G/200G/400G DWDM and OTN muxponders, transponders, and ADMs transport any mix of up to 400GbE, and up to 32G FC services. The devices support short haul, DCI, metro, and long haul network applications.

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1G to 40G Product Suite

PacketLight product suite of highly flexible CWDM/DWDM/OTN optical networking platforms for transport of data, storage, voice, and video for DCI and metro applications.

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Layer-1 Encryption Product Suite

PacketLight offers Layer-1 encryption solutions for DWDM, OTN and dark fiber networks while delivering full data throughput without any degradation to the link performance.

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Optical Infrastructure Products

Build your network with PacketLight modular family of 1U products, providing all optical infrastructure needs, from advanced ROADM, to amplification and passive infrastructure products.

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Products by Category

PacketLight solutions answer all optical network needs, from transpoders and muxponders, to OTN and encryption features offering a modular WDM infrastracture. Read more

Support and Services

PacketLight specializes in the design, planning, implementation, and maintenance of robust, scalable, and cost-effective optical networks. We are dedicated to delivering optimal performance for your WDM/OTN network.

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