• 100G Connectivity

    PacketLight solutions enable carriers, utilities, ISPs, and enterprises to easily build 100G backbone and expand their existing 10G/40G networks, using coherent technology for metro and long haul applications, and direct modulation technology for short haul applications. 

  • Video Transport

    PacketLight solutions answer the increasing demand for transport of high capacity data in the video broadcast market.

32G Fibre Channel Storage Protocol

PacketLight’s solutions support up to 32G Fibre Channel protocol rate for high capacity data storage and backup applications.

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200G Connectivity over Single DWDM Wavelength

PacketLight's 200G solution for DCI applications is ideal for providing high capacity transport infrastructure on a single DWDM wavelength.

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40G Connectivity

PacketLight 1U 40G solutions extend network reach without the need to replace equipment or upgrade existing networks.

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Alien Wavelength

PackeLtlight's alien wavelength solution effectively increases capacity in OTN and DWDM networks.

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OTN Layer

PacketLight standards-based 1U integrated product suite easily and cost-effectively increases bandwidth in an existing OTN network.

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Layer-1 Optical Encryption over Dark Fiber / DWDM / OTN

PacketLight's optical encryption solution provides Layer-1 protection over dark fiber, DWDM and OTN networks.

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Muxponder Technology

PacketLight’s advanced muxponder technology provides an efficient and flexible aggregation layer of multi-protocol/multi-rate services into a single uplink.

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PackeLtlight ROADM solution is a highly integrated 1U aimed at enabling network flexibility by easily and remotely adding/removing wavelengths and changing their destination.

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Single Fiber Applications

PacketLight single fiber solutions save fiber and financial resources, and increase reliability to an existing dual fiber solution by using one fiber for transmission and one fiber for protection.

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Multimode Fiber Solutions

PacketLight’s WDM solutions enable to extend multimode fiber capabilities beyond its limitations.

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DWDM over CWDM Network

PacketLight unique DWDM expansion solutions enable to easily add capacity to legacy CWDM networks.

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DWDM & CWDM Connectivity

PacketLight DWDM and CWDM technologies for better fiber utilization and increasing fiber capacity, for cost-effective and efficient optical networks.

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