WDM Solutions for Enterprises

The growing need for storage volumes and dependency on data are driving enterprises to look for secured, cost-effective data optical transport solutions for backup and data protection applications.

PacketLight DWDM Solutions for Enterprises

Natural disasters, hacking acts, and human errors have driven legislators worldwide to generate new regulations and standards for the protection of data resources. In addition, the growing need for confidentiality of the information transmitted between data centers, is further facilitating legislation and requirements for encryption.

For example, Sarbannes-Oxley and the Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act (HIPAA) in the US, Basel II in Europe, and the Personal Information Protection Act in Japan, all require setting up remote backup sites to protect data.

PacketLight addresses these requirements by providing high capacity low latency encrypted data and storage connectivity between separate LAN and SAN islands, using private dark fiber infrastructure.

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  • Secured
  • Low Latency
  • Scalable
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy Deployment & Maintenance


PacketLight solutions are a perfect fit for enterprise data center connectivity applications such as backup and disaster recovery. The cryptography solution offers built-in Layer-1 encryption, which provides GSM-AES-256 data encryption for all transmitting data, without degrading or compromising the service transparency and bandwidth. In addition, role-based management allows the networking group to manage network aspects of the service delivery, while keeping the encryption configuration and control at the hands of the enterprise security team.

Low Latency

PacketLight’s low latency, transparent and high throughput solutions, meet today's business continuity requirements of services such as GbE/10/40/100/400Gb Ethernet and 1/2/4/8/10/16/32G Fibre Channel mix, delivering sub-microsecond latency.

Diagram of DWDM and OTN for Enterprises

Diagram of DWDM Network for Enterprise Application


The products are scalable from single channel up to 96 channels on a single fiber link, by either adding pluggable SFP/XFP/SFP+ and CFP/CFP2 interfaces, or by adding 1U chassis. These two options provide low cost expansion capabilities for current and future needs, without traffic interference.


PacketLight products are designed in a cost-effective 1U. They are easy to install, enable fast network deployment, take up minimal rack space and have low power consumption, all of which significantly reduce OPEX and CAPEX, making for a compelling ROI. 

Easy Deployment & Maintenance

Deployment of PacketLight solutions does not require an extensive carrier or WDM background and experience in the network lifecycle (installation to management to expansions). The enterprise network team can be self-sufficient in managing the optical backbone to ensure data capacities are met, while maintaining SLA levels.

PacketLight’s DWDM, CWDM and OTN products are remotely managed through an embedded web-based GUI, or through any third party SNMP system, making daily activities and service provisioning intuitive and time-saving. PacketLight active solutions include network monitoring capabilities, enabling close supervision and fault isolation. Free web-based EMS and PacketLight LightWatch™ NMS provide full management of the network.

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