WDM Solutions for Dark Fiber Providers

Advanced WDM technologies enable dark fiber providers to offer high throughput, private, fully managed connectivity solutions at affordable costs.

PacketLight Managed Services Solutions

PacketLight’s WDM technology increases the added value of dark fiber providers by enabling them to offer their customers private managed solutions. This allows to extend their offering using flexible service modules and structure, such as charging for bandwidth or wavelengths used as well as the dark fiber, significantly increasing their revenue and added value.

In addition, SLA packages with multiple pricing models based on service types and levels can be added to the offerings, increasing solution value in the competitive service provider market.

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  • High Capacity
  • Secured
  • Scalable
  • Reliable
  • Fast Deployment

High Capacity

A major differentiator of dark fiber providers compared to other service providers is their ability to deliver high capacity, low latency and private optical networking solutions.

PacketLight’s WDM product suite of sub-10G and 10/40/100//200/400G are ideal for dark fiber service providers in offering multi-rate high bandwidth managed connectivity services for enterprises, campuses, data centers and between local internet exchanges.

PacketLight’s WDM transponders and muxponders provide an effective solution for high capacity services such as 10/40/100/400Gb Ethernet, and 8/16/32G Fibre Channel. The products are remotely managed through an embedded web-based GUI, or through any third party SNMP system, making daily activities and service provisioning intuitive and time-saving. The solutions include network monitoring capabilities, enabling close supervision and fault isolation. Free web-based EMS and PacketLight LightWatchTM NMS provide full management of the network.

Diagram of Dark Fiber Network for Enterprises

Diagram of Agile DWDM Infrastructure for Dark Fiber Network


Data-sensitive organizations such as police, financial institutions, medical facilities and municipalities are concerned with data confidentiality, and must meet high security standards for transferring data.

PacketLight cryptography solution offers AES-256 encryption, which provides built-in Layer-1 encryption for all transmitting data, without degrading or compromising the service transparency and bandwidth. In addition, role-based management allows the dark fiber provider to manage network aspects of the service delivery while keeping the encryption configuration and control at the hands of the customer.


PacketLight offers a wide range of transport solutions, including multi-rate transponders and muxponders with a mix of high and low data rates in one unit. The products support multiple network topologies such as point-to-point, ring and linear add/drop, with transport rates ranging from 2M up to 400G, and growth potential of up to 96 channels.

The networks are scalable from single wavelength up to 96 channels on a single fiber link, by either adding pluggable SFP/XFP/SFP+ and CFP/CFP2 interfaces to any ports, or by adding 1U chassis. These two options provide low cost expansion capabilities for current and future needs, without traffic interference.


PacketLight solutions are designed to provide reliable high capacity optical networks, targeting sectors that cannot afford any network downtime. The units are designed with power and fan redundancies and several levels of protection, enabling dark fiber providers to offer different service types based on resilience and cost. The protection levels include full equipment protection, “Facility+” protection against optical module fail or fiber cut, and facility protection only against fiber cut.

PacketLight units also have built-in diagnostic tools that enable to monitor, detect, isolate and resolve issues before the customer feels any degradation or network disruption.

Fast Deployment

Deployment of PacketLight’s solutions does not require an extensive learning curve or experience in the link and network lifecycle (installation to management to expansions). All devices share the same management philosophy and minimal spare parts, making the technical teams of dark fiber providers self-sufficient in managing the optical backbone, to ensure their customers’ data capacities and SLAs are met.

CAPEX and OPEX are kept to a minimum at both the initial entry point and future growth, making for an economic solution.

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