WDM for Research and Education

Network and IT managers at university campuses are required to connect multiple data centers and server farms by building a high capacity optical backbone network across campuses.

PacketLight Solutions for Research and Education

Campus networks share research and education information and can be local, national, or international. Universities and research institutes use large scale, high capacity optical transport DWDM and OTN networks based on the latest and most advanced optical technology and solutions.

PacketLight’s carrier grade 1U footprint WDM solutions are ideal for universities as they are easy to deploy and manage across all campus nodes, while using minimal rack space.

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  • High Capacity
  • Fast Deployment
  • Easy Management
  • Scalable
  • Flexible

High Capacity

PacketLight offers a variety of high capacity data and storage transmission rates, including up to 100Gb Ethernet over OTN, and DWDM networks that can scale up to 96 wavelengths, with wavelength capacity of up to 200G.

With PacketLight’s solution, there is little need for obtaining special high-cost optics or licenses in switches or routers. The products easily integrate into typical services used in today’s campus environments, such as 10/40/100Gb Ethernet and 8/16/32G Fibre Channel.

Diagram of High Capacity Ring Network for University

Diagram of High Capacity Ring Network for University

Fast Deployment

Deployment of PacketLight’s solutions does not require carrier or WDM background and experience in the link and network lifecycle (installation to management to expansions). The campus network and IT team can be self-sufficient in managing the optical backbone to ensure data capacities are met.

Easy Management

PacketLight’s DWDM, CWDM and OTN products are remotely managed through an embedded web-based GUI, or through any third party SNMP system, making daily activities and service provisioning intuitive and time-saving. PacketLight active solutions include network monitoring capabilities, enabling close supervision and fault isolation. Free web-based EMS and PacketLight LightWatch™ NMS provide full management of the network.


PacketLight's products are designed in a 1U chassis footprint which allows campuses to save valuable rack space, as each unit can be installed in a separate rack, facilitating flexible implementation. Expanding to any capacity per site is simple, without requiring complex reconfiguration of the server room.

The networks are scalable from single wavelength up to 96 channels on a single fiber link, by either adding pluggable SFP/XFP/SFP+ and CFP/CFP2 interfaces to any ports, or by adding 1U chassis. These two options provide low cost expansion capabilities for current and future needs, without traffic interference.


PacketLight's DWDM CWDM products offer research networks a carrier class feature set with multi-rate and multi-protocol capabilities, ranging from short haul campus to nationwide long haul network applications.

PacketLight solutions enable to easily scale existing network capacity without replacing existing OTN/DWDM infrastructure, by adding 100G/200G alien wavelengths. This solution facilitates a cost-effective upgrade and provides the flexibility to use different vendor hardware seamlessly over the same infrastructure, forming a disaggregated solution.

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