Smart City Fiber Network

Government agencies and municipalities have become more aware of the need to provide personal safety and monitor traffic (pedestrian and vehicle) throughout city centers. Mass deployment of fiber optic infrastructure, has made this solution more available, and this technology can now easily integrate into law enforcement and municipal capabilities.

PacketLight Smart City Solutions

Smart technology tackles traffic, noise and crime, with sensors and security cameras receiving feeds from around city sports facilities, traffic lights, and lampposts with facial recognition technology, car parks and bus stations. All the information is aggregated into a central monitoring management facility.

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  • Resilience
  • High Capacity
  • Self-management
  • Scalable
  • Secure


PacketLight smart city 10G/100G ring topology solution consists of low capacity 10G access rings and high capacity 100G backbone rings connecting the monitoring, control and sensor sites to a central control room. Each site is protected in case of failure, so there is no network downtime, and the central control has a second site replication for redundancy.

High Capacity

PacketLight’s WDM transponders and muxponders provide the most effective solution for high capacity services such as 10/40/100Gb Ethernet. PacketLight’s smart city solution provides the optical backbone infrastructure for aggregating information on city activities into a central monitoring management facility. The ring topology transports and aggregates multiple GbE/10GbE from the different sites on a standards-base open DWDM/OTN transport layer that can connect to any third party Layer-2/3 equipment and upper layer applications, effectively utilizing fiber and wavelength routing. 

Diagram of Ring Network for Smart City Fiber Optic Network

Diagram of Ring Network for Smart City Fiber Optic Network


PacketLight carrier-grade network can be managed and maintained by the customer. The products are remotely managed through an embedded web-based GUI, PacketLight LightWatchTM NMS, or through any third party SNMP system, making daily activities and service provisioning intuitive and time-saving. The solutions include network monitoring capabilities, enabling close supervision and fault isolation.


PacketLight’s infrastructure is resilient and includes protection and alarms against fiber cuts, and supports encryption, so sensitive data cannot be tapped. In addition, the solution is easily scalable, with future growth plans to 100G, with PacketLight’s high capacity small footprint 1U devices. The solution is low in power consumption, saving operational costs, and is simple to manage and maintain.


PacketLight’s Layer-1 encryption solution performs GCM-AES-256 encryption on Layer-1 without any degradation to the full bandwidth of GbE/10/40/100Gb Ethernet. The encryption solution is NIST FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria EAL2 certified, and complies with Commercial National Security Algorithm (CNSA) Top Secret Suite B 2015 requirements.

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