Government organizations require exceptional levels of data protection. They must ensure that high volumes of data, including voice and video, can be delivered quickly and securely, over private optical network infrastructure.

PacketLight Government & Defense Solutions

PacketLight’s high performance, carrier-grade equipment allows government organizations to quickly and easily build or expand highly secure DWDM networks over fiber optic infrastructure.

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  • Encryption
  • High Capacity
  • Self-deployment
  • Long Haul Capabilities
  • Standards-based Equipment


PacketLight’s encryption technology delivers security at low latency without data delays, with full transparency of the data transmitted, ensuring deliverability while strengthening data integrity. The comprehensive, embedded Layer-1 encryption is configurable per service or per uplink, delivering secure connectivity using GCM-AES-256 encryption, Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange, and SHA-384 authentication. The solution complies with the Commercial National Security Algorithm (CNSA) Top Secret Suite B 2015, and is NIST FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria EAL2 certified. PacketLight devices also support a QKD for enhanced key exchange and higher security.

The multi-rate DWDM transponders and muxponders provide comprehensive security while maintaining full traffic bandwidth without degradation of the traffic for GbE/10GbE/40GbE/and 100GbE, and 1G/2G/4G/8G/16G/32G Fibre Channel services. Physical security capabilities include a fiber monitoring solution that detects changes or fiber tapping attempts and alerts the user.

Diagram of DWDM Network for Government/Defense

Diagram of Point-to-point DWDM Network

High Capacity

Governments organizations can expand existing network wavelength capacity quickly and easily from 10G/100G to 400G per wavelength with high spectral efficiency and minimal investment. PacketLight scalable muxponder/transponder technologies deliver a flexible mix of services for high-capacity connectivity, accelerating transmission of data, storage, video, and voice within a standard OTN uplink at over 20Tb capacity in a single fiber.

Self Deployment

PacketLight's team works closely with all organizations from planning and design of the network, to the training and support necessary for the organization's team to master the DWDM OTN network. Our equipment lends itself to simple deployment and provisioning, and the technology’s short learning curve means DWDM network operation can quickly become a technical team competency, making them self-sufficient in managing the network. The user-friendly Network Management System (NMS) streamlines installation by enabling large-scale network management and log storage, easy setup, configuration, performance monitoring, and fault management, making it easy to operate and maintain.

Long Haul Capabilities

PacketLight devices deliver full DWDM/OTN connectivity with multi-rate and multiprotocol capabilities. They meet the challenges of long distance fibers, high link attenuation, and OSNR, reducing the need for intermediate sites with high-performance forward error correction (FEC) embedded within the layer.

PacketLight's range of optical amplifiers and ROADM support the build of long haul networks. The amplifiers include EDFAs and Raman for building pre-amp/post-amp/inline/mid-stage amplification sites. The entire infrastructure is managed remotely, and the amplifiers can be configured to the required gain. The ROADM supports adding and removing of wavelengths with no disruption to the traffic and ensures power balance of the wavelength amplitude between channels.

The DWDM uplinks support 100G/200G and 400G OTN rates and can reach distances of up to 4,000 km by tuning the link OSNR and fiber dispersion to the best performance/capacity.

Standards-based Equipment

PacketLight standards-based equipment is interoperable with any third-party switch or router and the OTN network. Its 1U architecture reduces rack space, ensures minimal power usage, and simplifies rapid network expansion. The vendor-agnostic modular equipment makes it easy to extend and maintain fiber optic networks across any third-party infrastructure. The easily replaceable standardized parts and power and fan redundancies increase reliability and extend the lifetime of the equipment.

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