Applications of Layer-1 Encryption

Fiber optic communication infrastructure used to be considered secure and immune to hacking and tapping. Recent years have shown that with easily accessible tools, it is possible to tap the fiber optic cable and extract the data transmitting over it.

Flexible Layer-1 encryption solution that enables to activate encryption per specific client interface (service) or for the entire uplink (line side), using a user-friendly web interface.

The need to secure data over DWDM links has become imperative, especially in mission-critical and data-sensitive industries and organizations, such as financial and government institutionscritical infrastructuredata centers and service providers.

It has become mandatory in some industries to adhere to data security requirements including:

  • Confidentiality- preventing disclosure of information to unauthorized parties
  • Data integrity- ensuring that the message has not been altered
  • Authentication– validating that both parties involved are indeed who they claim to be

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Layer-1 Encryption Technology

PacketLight’s solution performs GCM-AES-256 encryption on Layer-1 without degradation to the full bandwidth of GbE/10/40/100/400Gb Ethernet and 1/2/4/8/16/32G Fibre Channel services. The solution complies with NIST FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria EAL2, and Commercial National Security Algorithm (CNSA) Top Secret Suite B 2015 requirements for GbE/10/40/100/400Gb Ethernet.

PacketLight’s flexible solutions enables to activate encryption functionality per specific client interface (service) or for the entire uplink (line side), using a user-friendly web interface.

Low Latency Applications

PacketLight’s transponders and muxponders perform Layer-1 encryption without degradation to the full bandwidth of the services or to the QoS of transferred data, providing full end-to-end transparency of service data (unlike MacSec Layer-2 or IPsec Layer-3 encryption), and low latency of less than 5 usec for 100Gb Ethernet.  

This is critical in industries that require fast turnaround of information and synchronous backup. For example, the financial industry and stock exchange which require immediate response times.

Secure DCI for Critical Infrastructure

Data Center Interconnect (DCI) deployed in mission-critical applications such as utility networks, requires link redundancy, equipment protection and encryption for data security. The main drivers of DCI for this industry are high capacity data transport and support of backup, synchronization of databases, transactions, and cloud services, all of which are supported by PacketLight’s Layer-1 encryption solution.

Diagram of DWDM Network

Diagram of Point-to-point DWDM Network with Encryption

Secure DCI for Data-sensitive Applications

Transferring sensitive personal data between remote sites requires high level of security. Layer-1 encryption at the transport layer is deployed in industries carrying sensitive data such as government, finance, and medical institutions.

Added Value Proposition - Encrypted Services

Cloud providers and ISPs transfer essential enterprise information, making it imperative to protect the transport layer. This makes encrypted fiber optic an added value to enterprises using a more secured cloud provider infrastructure.

PacketLight’s Layer-1 encryption solution encrypts both services and uplinks. This enables fast and simple deployment of new services, and adds value to carriers as it enables them to offer secured infrastructure to customers that demand high level of confidentiality, while maintaining compliance to network regulations.

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