100G Media Converter for Data Transport

PacketLight’s 100G media converter enables connectivity of different types of 100G optical interfaces in cases where equipment is required to connect with each other directly and cannot support the opposite equipment optical interface.

100G ports on routers, switches and optical transport equipment are more and more in demand, as data capacity continues to grow. As this technology evolved rapidly there are many different 100G physical layer standards and optical modules, supporting different optical media types (LR4/ER4/SR10/SR4/CWDM4), form factors (CFP, CFP2, QSFP28) and distances, creating a demand for 100G media conversion functionality.

PacketLight provides a modular and cost-effective 100G media converter solution for connecting different physical and optical module types using a single device. It uses standards-based, pluggable optical modules on all optical interfaces on both the client and line sides, supporting a wide range of 100G media converter applications.

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Flexible and Cost-effective

The media converter solution can support most existing standard interfaces of different 100G optical types such as, SR10, LR4 and ER4 modules, providing the flexibility to convert between any of the interface module types or extending the reach between devices.

The PL-1000T is the ideal 100G media converter solution for LAN to LAN media conversion within the data center or between data centers. The solution supports dual CFP form factors on the client side and on the line side, supporting any conversion in a single 1U device.

For 100GbE applications there is a need for a single cost-effective 1U device. The solution is easy to install, enables fast network deployment, takes up minimal rack space and has low power consumption, all significantly reducing OPEX and CAPEX compared to replacing the Layer-2/3 products.


The solution supports different 100G client services including LR4/ER4 and SR10, and seamlessly interfaces with third party equipment. This is a Layer-1 solution, which keeps the 100GbE service at full bandwidth between the different 100G interfaces, and transparent (agnostic) to the upper layer protocols, making it ideal for enterprises, data centers, and campus networks using any Layer-2/3 devices. 

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