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The RAD Group

PacketLight Networks is a RAD Group company. The RAD Group is a world leader Layer 1-7 data solutions, fiber optical communications, wireless solutions, and cyber security field. The Group is a family of independent companies that develop, manufacture and market solutions for diverse segments of the networking and telecommunications industry. A unique business philosophy distinguishes the RAD Group, which has no holding company, but is strategically guided by its founders.

Each RAD Group company, and PacketLight Networks among them, operates autonomously under a common strategic umbrella. This decentralized approach maximizes the advantages inherent in smaller business units, such as flexibility, entrepreneurial spirit and management focus.

A new company is established when a market opportunity is identified and requires a technology, marketing approach or corporate culture that does not exist in any of the other companies.

Simultaneously, cooperation among the independent business entities is encouraged and involves sharing technology, market channels and market information. Start-up companies initially receive administrative and marketing assistance from the RAD Group. This lowers operating costs at the crucial early stages of operation.

Employees of these start-ups, who often share in the profits and the critical decision-making process, are thereby highly motivated to ensure the success of the enterprise.

The RAD Group