PacketLight Showcases High Capacity Solutions at OFC

PacketLight Showcases High Capacity 200G Muxponders and 1.6T Transponder Solutions at OFC 2018 Exhibition

San Diego, OFC Exhibition

PacketLight Networks, a leading provider of DWDM and optical transport networking (OTN) solutions, will feature their high capacity 200G product suite of optical fiber networking equipment at the OFC conference, March 13-15, 2018, at booth #2215. PacketLight’s modular equipment helps enterprises and carriers cost-effectively build out or upgrade optical networks using minimal rack space, meet cooling requirements and protect data with embedded Layer-1 optical encryption.

“PacketLight provides carrier-grade solutions that are flexible and easy to use, enabling carriers to offer high capacity DWDM/OTN managed services, and enterprises of every size to develop their own infrastructure, or effortlessly upgrade existing networks using the alien wavelength solution,” says Koby Reshef, CEO of PacketLight. “Whether the project is to build long haul, metro, or short haul networks, or dedicated high capacity data center interconnectivity, our modular product suite delivers the required high capacity, low latency links that can be upgraded at their own pace to create true pay-as-you-grow architecture.”

Products on display at the PacketLight booth include:

PL-2000DC: PacketLight’s newest transponder solution offers 1.6T capacity and supports up to 96 wavelengths at 200G (and 600G in the future) over a single fiber pair. The PL-2000DC supports high-end data center interconnectivity, cloud and colocation use cases, and other high capacity applications. The modular device is comprised of four 400G pluggable drawers and optical modules, allowing carriers or enterprises to increase bandwidth at their own pace, and is interoperable with any third-party switch or router.

PL-2000M: The 200G multi-protocol multi-rate muxponder/transponder solution is built to support high capacity metro networks up to 600 kilometers over a single wavelength. The PL-2000M is a modular, cost-effective solution for rolling out services such as 10/40/100G Ethernet, STM64/OC192, 8/16/32G FC, and OTU2/3/4, or increasing existing network capacity by adding 200G alien wavelengths. The device includes embedded Layer-1 optical encryption for point-to-point security across the fiber.

PL-2000AD: This 200G 1U multi-protocol multi-rate muxponder/transponder/ADM is a high capacity solution for metro and long haul optical transport networks up to 2,500 kilometers. The PL-2000AD supports and aggregates a flexible mix of 10/40/100G client interface protocols into 2x100G OTU4 uplinks with embedded OTN cross connect, and Layer-1 optical encryption, configurable per service or uplink. The flexible architecture of the PL-2000AD enables it to be used in multiple applications and adapt to network growth and changes.

PL-2000ADS: The 200G 1U multi-protocol multi-rate muxponder/transponder/ADM for short haul and encryption applications provides enterprises and data centers with a modular, cost-effective high capacity 200G transport solution by aggregating a mix of services into dual 100G OTU4 uplinks. The PL-200ADS reduces overall cost and operational expenditure through its low power consumption and rack space savings. Additionally, it can be used as a standalone 200G Layer-1 optical encryption solution, allowing enterprises with a DWDM network to benefit without altering their infrastructure or developing a new blade in their system for other system vendors.

The product showcase will be held during OFC conference at booth #2215.
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About PacketLight Networks:

PacketLight Networks offers a suite of leading 1U metro and long haul CWDM/DWDM and OTN solutions, as well as Layer-1 optical encryption for transport of data, storage, voice and video applications over dark fiber and WDM networks. PacketLight provides the entire optical layer transport solution within a highly integrated compact platform, designed for high capacity, maximum flexibility, easy maintenance and operation, with real pay-as-you-grow architecture, while maintaining a high level of reliability and low cost.

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PacketLight Networks Ltd. Tel (Israel): +972-3-768-7888 Tel (US): 310-906-5876

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