Press Releases

QuantLR and PacketLight Networks demonstrate successful integration, while using the Quantum Secured keys to encrypt the data transport

QuantLR and PacketLight intent entering a new phase of field trials with telecom providers and telecom vendors. Read more

PacketLight Networks Awarded FIPS 140-2 Level 2 Compliance for Fiber Optic Networking Encryption Solutions by NIST

FIPS certification provides external body assurance of PacketLight’s encryption solution. Read more

PacketLight Networks Announces the PL-2000T 800G Transponder for High Capacity 200G Metro and 100G Long Haul Applications

Integrated mux/demux, optical amplifier, optical switch and Layer-1 optical encryption in 1U. Read more

QuantLR Partners with PacketLight Networks to Secure Next-Generation Networks Against Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks

The companies will work together to form a more secure optical network. Read more

PacketLight Releases PL-1000D Offering Complete Fiber Optic Network Diagnostic Solution

Integrates both OTDR and OSA functionality to monitor fiber optic network infrastructure. Read more

PacketLight Enhances Product Features to Improve Flexibility and Functionality of Optical Networking Solutions

The enhancements further support PacketLight’s dedication to pay-as-you-grow architecture for customers. Read more

Atlantic Metro Partners with PacketLight Networks to Add 200G Capacity to Their Existing Network

PacketLight’s PL-2000M muxponder/transponder provides a 30% decrease in solution costs and double the spectral efficiency. Read more

PacketLight Upgrades PL-2000DC Capacity to 2.4T in 1U, Offering 600G Per Wavelength for Data Center Interconnect

New Drawer adds 3x the Wavelength Capacity and Provides 4x the Distance at 200G Over Previous Product Model. Read more

PacketLight Showcases High Capacity 200G Muxponders and 1.6T Transponder Solutions at OFC 2018 Exhibition

The PL-2000DC, PL-2000M, PL-2000AD and PL-2000ADS will be on Display at Booth #2215. Read more

PacketLight Networks and NRBN Improve Connectivity for all Businesses in the Niagara Region

Network Capacity Grows from 10G to 100G with No Change to Existing Infrastructure. Read more

PacketLight Awarded GSA Certification to Provide the US Government with Optical Fiber Networking Solutions

Allowing Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies to Purchase Through the GSA Schedule. Read more

PacketLight Launches the PL-2000DC Delivering 1.6T DCI Capacity Fiber Networking Solution for Internet Exchange and Cloud Applications

The Platform Offers 200G Capacity per Wavelength for Short Haul and Metro Networks, and 100G for Ultra-Long Haul Networks. Read more

PL-2000ADS Delivers 200G Capacity and Embedded Encryption for Short Haul and Encryption Applications

The solution provides enterprises and data centers with modular, cost-effective high transport capacity of up to 200G. Read more

AVELACOM Builds Network from London to Moscow with Packetlight Transport Solutions

Low latency solution allows Avelacom to address Financial Sector instant access demands. Read more

New 200G Standard of Performance and Capacity for Data Center Interconnect and Metro Networking OTN Solutions

Flexible Muxponder/Transponder Architecture Provides the Highest Optical Transport Capacity and diverse service mix over a Single Coherent 200G Wavelength. Read more

Cost Effective High Speed Physical Layer Security with PL-2000AD

Flexible 10G-100G Multiprotocol Multirate Encryption solutions Secure Optical Transport Solutions for Enterprise, Metro and Long Haul. Read more

200G Solutions for Metro and Long Haul Networks

200G Multiprotocol Multirate ADM providing Next Generation Optical Transport Solutions for Enterprise, Metro and Long Haul Networks. Read more

Encryption Solutions for up to 40G and up to 16G FC

PacketLight has enhanced its latest PL-1000TE Crypto multi-rate, multi-service transponder with encryption of 40G Eth and 16G FC. Read more

Enhanced encrypted DWDM transponder on the PL-1000TE

PacketLight Networks announces release of enhanced encrypted DWDM transponder on the PL-1000TE platform for high security. Read more

Release of 100G OTN Transponder for Metro Networks

PacketLight Networks announces release of industry’s most compact, 100G managed service 1U solution for data centers supporting CFP2 Read more