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PacketLight’s product suite offers flexibility to build a cost effective, highly efficient optical network infrastructure for DWDM, CWDM, OTN and dark fiber transport connectivity with encryption capability for up to 80G services. PacketLights DWDM, CWDM and OTN solutions fit not only carriers, service providers and dark fiber providers but also enterprise campuses and any dark fiber applications providing added Layer-1 encryption. PacketLight’s unique 1U architecture is compact and is feature rich and allows scalability, manageability, and maintenance that supports any DWDM CWDM, dark fiber  infrastructure from simple Point to point networks to carrier class metro access ring or linear add and drop networks.  PacketLight solutions address a variety of vertical markets such as: Dark fiber providers, service providers, carriers, data centers, and storage facilities, utilities (railroad, power companies) and financial markets. 


PacketLight has customized solutions to fit specific needs for every market and can supply a variety of applications and configurations in CWDM, DWDM and OTN networks.


PacketLight  DWDM CWDM and OTN solutions include: 

  • Data centre, server farm connectivity
  • Expanding the capacity of private, campus and dark fiber networks
  • Fiber relief for high-capacity multi-tenant buildings and campuses
  • High throughput low latency managed service platform
  • Interconnection of SAN and LAN islands over remote metro sites
  • DVB-ASI, SMPTE-SDI, SD-HDI, HD-HDI video transport
  • Effective infrastructure for NGN and DSLAM backhaul
  • Upgrade existing CWDM or DWDM networks to support 10G 40G and 100G services
  • Single fiber WDM solution to reduce operational cost
  • Efficient upgrade of existing SDH/SONET infrastructure to the latest OTN OTU2, OTU3 and OTU4 carrier backbone network
WDM Ring Network

Whether you are DWDM CWDM expert or it is your first experience with optical networking technologies, PacketLight solutions and products are designed for ease of use and operation across all applications. PacketLight’s team of experts will assist you with all you need to leverage your fiber infrastructure and meet your organization connectivity goals.

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