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Secured Encrypted 1G to 40G DWDM Transport Solutions

This white paper explores the needs and uses of encryption on dark fiber links. The solution is fitting for utility companies, data centers and high security organizations.

Distance Extension and Conversion Solutions for 100G

Arista Networks and PacketLight Networks have jointly developed and tested a set of solutions that leverage Arista’s market leading 100GbE port density and the PacketLight Networks PL-1000GM and PL-1000T.

100G Coherent - features and applications

PacketLight's coherent solution can operate over 2,500Km without the need for dispersion compensator. It is based on optical digital signal processing which enables the leap in the optical layer capabilities into a new era.

Data Center Backbone Connectivity

Creating carrier grade unlimited capacity backbone infrastructure for Data Center connectivity

Enhanced Video Support - Video Data Transition through OTN (Optical Transport Networks)

PacketLight’s video transport solutions treat the variety of video interfaces such as SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI and DVB-ASI as a common part of the optical and fiber network solution, seamlessly integrating it without the need for external convertors. Thus, PacketLight’s solutions enable the utilization of the existing optical transport network and/or dark fiber for cost effective, managed video transport for Broadcast companies and carriers

Optical network diagnostics capabilities

SLA's are one of the key operating necessities for telecom service providers. This white paper explores some of the diagnostic tools integrated into all PacketLight's fiber optic, CWDM/DWDM and OTN products that aid network managers in reducing network downtime and maximizing SLA commitments.

ROADM - The Core of Agile Optical Networks

Explore the evolution from passive based infrastructure and its limitations compared to ROADM based solutions.

Optical Transport Network (OTN) MSPP platforms based on WDM

This white paper provides an overview of the next generation optical access platform features and capabilities in conjunction with DWDM and OTN layer.

Multiprotocol Multirate Muxponder

Advanced next generation muxponders provide efficient and flexible aggregation layer of multi-protocol/multirate sub-10G services into single 10G uplink trunk.

Wayside Management

PacketLight networks significantly simplifies managing the third-party appliances through its in-band management capabilities utilizing optical supervisory channel (OSC channel) which is a built-in feature in all PacketLight products.

Active vs. Passive Optical Network Solutions

There are two main methods of building CWDM/DWDM backbone network. In an “Active solution” CWDM/DWDM infrastructure is built from transponders and muxponders providing full optical demarcation point agnostic to the routers, switches and ADMs within the network.

Optical Transport Network (OTN) Solutions

Optical Transport Network (OTN) has evolved over the last few years to be the preferred technology for building DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) back-bone and long distance optical networks for carriers.

WDM for Data Centers

PacketLight’s compact 1U WDM solutions are ideal for data centers to meet the customer demands placed on their services.

Packetlight's WDM Muxponder Capabilities

This white paper explores ways of meeting the challenges and getting the most out of the fiber infrastructure without the need of adding additional fibers or getting into vast expenses.

Single Fiber Solutions

PacketLight provides both active and passive solutions for single fiber transmission. The solutions range from 4 services up to 8 services using either CWDM or DWDM technology.

PacketLight products maximizing Multimode (MM) fiber

This white paper discusses the possibility of extending the MM fiber capability to up to 2km with PacketLight’s WDM product suite.

Facility Protection Methods

Explore how WDM can be protected via multiple ways.

Upgrade CWDM to DWDM network

With PacketLight's WDM equipment, a customer can start with 8 CWDM wavelengths but then grow by introducing DWDM over its CWDM network.

PacketLight EMS

This White paper explains how PacketLight’s product suite integrates with the RADView-EMS.
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