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Single Fiber Applications

Point to Point, Ring or linear Add and Drop- where installing new fiber is difficult or expensive

Enable segmentation of the enterprise traffic over 2 different fibers rather than using the same
fiber for both segments

Increse reability to an existing dual fiber solution by using one fiber for working and one
for protecting

CWDM/DWDM 8/16/22 wavelengths Single Fiber solution

The PacketLight's Single Fiber solution is transparent to the client optical interface.  All the conversion to a single fiber is done by the PacketLight attached equipment. The solution fits both 10G and sub 10G client interfaces with any mix. The solution incorporates a single MUX (either CWDM or DWDM) with 8 or 16 channels; half of the Mux is used for transmission and half for receiving (See Figure-1).


Figure 1

44 wavelength DWDM Single Fiber solution

Figure 2

The 44 wavelength Single Fiber solution allows extremely high utilizing of a single fiber strand to pass up to 22 client interfaces by mapping them into 44 different wavelengths traveling in the opposite direction of the fiber simultaneously.

The wavelengths traveling over the dark fiber are split into two spectral bands by using band pass splitter at both ends of the dark fiber. The Band pass splitter is connected to two optical Muxs each operated on a different spectral band. The Mux output is connected to PacketLight’s PL-1000 and PL-400 which provide the 3R (Retiming Reshaping and Regeneration) functionality, performance monitoring, management and other optical layer diagnostic capabilities.

44 wavelength DWDM Single Fiber solution with Optical Amplifier

Figure 3

For long distance applications which require high optical budget, PacketLight provide single fiber optical amplifier (EDFA -Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier) solution to overcome the needed link budget.

The amplifier is connected after the band pass splitter and amplifies at each end the appropriate spectrum.

Traditional optical networking calls for a pair of fiber for data transport: one strand for transmitting the signal and the other strand for receiving the signal.  However, dual fiber requires more optical and financial resources.  With PacketLight’s CWDM and DWDM solution, customers are able to utilize single fiber strand for both transmitting and receiving, thus significantly maximizing their investment and decreasing the monthly leasing costs.

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