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100G Connectivity

Advanced 100G Coherent and Direct Modulation Technologies

The increased demands of usage of Internet, data, video, storage and digital television paves the way for advancements in optical transport networks.  With two leading edge technologies of direct modulation for metro distances and coherent technology for long haul applications, carriers and service providers can easily expand their existing 10G and 40G networks to achieve higher throughput, better spectral efficiency and cover longer distances without changing the existing fiber infrastructure.

PacketLight’s 100G product suite is designed with modularity and ease of use. Its small foot print of 1RU makes it an ideal solution for not only for long haul networks but also for enterprise networks. PL’s 100G DWDM OTN products allow service providers to make available 100G networks for enterprise needs such as connecting high capacity data centers within metro areas or over long haul, connecting multiple offices at close to 0 latency and building state of the art campus networks. PacketLight’s 100G technology for Metro and long haul networks give service providers maximum flexibility for offering high throughput, low latency connectivity solutions to all of their clients inside the metro areas as well as over long distances.

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100G Coherent DWDM Technology

100G coherent technology enables transport of 100G data rate capacity over a single wavelength across long distances.

100G Direct Modulation

100G direct modulation technology using 4x28G WL solution is a perfect fit for cost effective <120Km applications
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