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WDM Solutions for Enterprise

Addressing Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
Rapid growth in storage volumes and the growing dependency of enterprises on their data are driving enterprises to look for reliable and cost-effective backup and data protection solutions. In parallel, natural disasters, terrorist acts and human errors have driven legislators world-wide to generate new regulations for the protection of data resources, such as Sarbannes-Oxley and the Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act (HIPAA) in the US, Basel II in Europe and the Personal Information Protection Act in Japan. These regulations require setting up remote backup sites to protect the data. There awareness of the data confidentiality that is transported between the data center is growing as well and there is an evolving legislation for encryption requirement. 

PacketLight addresses the emergence of these enterprise and legislation needs by providing data and storage connectivity between separate SAN islands of the enterprise using the existing Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure.

PacketLight provides efficient data center connectivity solutions between the primary and secondary DR/BC sites (Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity) over all common WAN technologies (dark fiber, OTN and DWDM and CWDM networks. In addition to the transport layer PacketLight solutions are equipped with layer-1 AES-256 based encryption capabilities for all common data and storage interfaces on the fly without any degradation to the traffic throughput with low latency addition.

The number one topic on IT managers' minds is Business Continuity and meet the Disaster Recovery Objectives of their organization while meeting the national standards for it. But for many organizations, the costs involved with setting up this kind of solution are simply too great.

PacketLight reduces the data transport solution cost from both CAPEX and OPEX perspective, with an advanced product set that allows a customer to utilize their existing network infrastructure. PacketLight's small foot print 1U solutions combined with rich DWDM/CWDM and OTN functionality and low power consumption both the operation and maintenance cost are reduced. Providing low latency, transparent and high throughput solution, PacketLight meets today's business continuity requirements of GbE, 10/40/100Gb Eth and 1/2/4/8/10/16G FC mix with Fast ROI and high capability.

Business Continuity over DWDM/CWDM and dark fiber Infrastructure
Today both international regulations and self needs are forcing organization to store more information over longer period of time and keep it protected on a secondary site. The constantly growing data base size and need for keeping it synchronized and protected between the organization sites requires high bandwidth low latency connectivity for transporting the information. To meet these needs dark fiber linking the DRP/BC (Disaster Recovery/ Business continuity) sites, and use of DWDM or CWDM technology to utilize it, form the most cost effective high performance reliable solution. PacketLight solutions fit perfectly for these application providing the most compact, low latency and cost effective DWDM/CWDM equipment for transporting and mixing 1/2/4/8/10/16Gb FC, GbE and 10/40/100G Eth over the same fiber. Rack space, maintenance fees and power consumption are reduced significantly thus reducing the operational cost and enabling more and more enterprises worldwide to stay within the more than ever budget restrictions.

* PacketLight products are certified by Brocade and got IBM system storage proven technology approval.

PacketLight offers end-to-end Disaster Recovery Connectivity for Enterprises and SMBs
As the dependency of organizations on their digital data and the awareness to risks grows, data protection and data availability together with smooth 24/7 availability has become a major concern for IT managers. This is complemented by the need to comply with new regulations world-wide which requires setting up remote Disaster Recovery (DR) sites. Enterprises and SMBs are searching for ways to implement remote backups in a simple and low-cost manner, either by themselves, or with the help of Storage Service Providers (SSP).

This trend by the Enterprises and SMBs has triggered many carriers to realize that offering SAN connectivity to their customers is a great way to generate more revenues from their existing infrastructure (hosting or by proving services). Some carriers realize the potential of becoming SSPs themselves.

PacketLight's products are designed for enabling both carriers and the Enterprises to achieve their DRP and BC goals.

  • Provide all the needed functionality at a competitive cost
  • Carrier grade with Protection and Performance Monitoring capabilities
  • Easy to install, use and maintain
  • Compact 1U solutions which are ideal for the customer premises (CPE)
  • Low power consumption
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