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WDM Solutions for Dark Fiber Providers

Today’s intensive data requirements are fueling increased challenges for enterprises, data centers and content providers for implementing effective fiber optic infrastructure to deliver the needed bandwidth capacity between sites. However, often building a full capacity fiber optic network is beyond the capabilities, knowledge and resources of the enterprises. Therefore, dark fiber providers and carriers are becoming the preferred choice to fill in the gap and provide fully functional, scalable fiber connectivity with bundled services and SLA’s.


Added to the growing need for high capacity data transfer, enterprises and service providers both are faced with new economies of scale. ROI is as important for the service providers as for the enterprises. Thus, cost effective flexible solution that fits and scales to the exact needs is more important than ever before. This leads to the requirement of  building easily managed, high bandwidth connectivity for lowest possible cost with capability of offering bundled services and SLA’s which is the added value the dark fiber can provider to the enterprise. 

Today’s advanced WDM technologies allow dark fiber providers to offer a low latency, transparent yet private high throughput, fully managed connectivity solutions at affordable costs. PacketLight’s WDM product suite of Sub-10G, 10G and 40G/100G are ideal for dark fiber service providers in offering high bandwidth managed connectivity services for enterprises, campuses, and between local exchanges. PacketLight WDM portfolio unique feature set provides dark fiber providers with a scalable, fast ROI solution for serving their fiber optic networks customers.

Dark Fiber Providers benefit by introducing managed service bundle with the dark fiber:
By utilizing PacketLight’s WDM technology, dark fiber providers can offer private, managed optical network solution with bundled SLA to their enterprise customers increasing solution value add and customer loyalty. Moreover, multiple pricing models based on service types and levels can be added to the dark fiber provider’s offering.s By charging for the bandwidth used rather than selling just the dark fiber, to dark fiber providers can significantly increase their revenues charging for the bandwidth used, rather than selling just the dark fiber. without controlling and itcharging for the bandwidth used. PacketLight WDM product suite offers multiple advantages to the dark fiber providers:


Economic size – PacketLight’s CWDM and DWDM products offer the most compact, integrated 1U sized product with the highest port density ideal as a demarcation CPE equipment for delivering managed services and building private optical networks for enterprises eliminating the need for bulky WDM equipment consuming expansive rack space and high power consumption in the customer data center rack.

Rich feature set – capable of supporting single or dual fiber CWDM or DWDM in a point-to-point, ring and linear add/drop topologies with transport rates ranging from 2Mbps up to 10/40/100Gb services with growth potential up to 96 wavelengths. All units incorporate dual pluggable power supplies (AC/DC) and fan units, optional integrated Mux/Demux and amplifier as well as facility protection.


Scalability – PacketLight products offer a wide range of transport capabilities, including Multirate Transponderts and Muxponders and mixture of high and low data rates in one unit. The products are scalable from single wavelength up to 96 on a single fiber link by simply adding pluggable SFP/XFP’s interfaces or additional 1U chassis if needed, thus giving the dark fiber provider low cost expansion capability for the current and future needs all without interference for the active traffic.


Simple installation and maintenance – PacketLight products are simple to install and maintain. The configuration and monitoring is done via a friendly GUI interface or an NMS Software allowing remote management and maintenance of multiple networks and hundreds of network elements. PacketLight products also fully integrate with multiple 3rd  party SNMP management software including IBM Tivoli, HP OpenView, and SNMPc

Transparency – PacketLight products are agnostic to the switch vendor and can operate transparently with any third party equipment such as Eth Switch/routers and Fibre channel Fabrics.


Maximum usage – With PacketLight’s product line, dark fiber providers have full ability to maximize the use of their existing fiber and serve multiple customers of different needs over same infrastructure

Scalable SLA agreements – Integrated service monitoring and full scale NMS/EMS software enables dark fiber providers to offer various levels of support services and meet the SLA support requirements such as protection path and less than 50ms switch over in case of fiber cut. In addition, by monitoring the fiber attenuation constantly, alarms will be generated in case of degradation in the fiber attenuation before the customer will feel the degradation of service.


Affordable cost – PacketLight products are highly price competitive and offer economic solutions reducing the ROI (CAPEX) and OPEX to dark fiber providers both at an initial entry point as well as at future growth.


Enterprise benefits for managed service bundle with the dark fiber:
Leasing connectivity services from dark fiber providers also offers enterprise customers a number of benefits which are outlined below:

  • One-Stop-Shop - Customer has a one place to shop for all their connectivity needs: the dark fiber link and the connectivity equipment
  • Flat-rate Monthly pricing - Customers are offered guaranteed bandwidth with no sharing at a monthly flat-rate pricing structure which enables them to better budget and plan for the future expansion
  • Managed Services - Customer is provided with managed services with SLAs with round the clock helpline support and fault restoration guaranteed
  • Transparency of Technology - Customer is not required to train its technical team in specific WDM technology, but can have support and connectivity through the service provider
  • Flexibility – Customer has a choice to pay for the exact number of wavelengths/services they are using at affordable prices, priced per wavelength and service rate


Overall, PacketLight products offer excellent TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) markers. The low price entry points are highly economical; the units are simple to install, operate and maintain; and they are easily scalable by just adding additional SFP/XFP modules or chassis. With such a formula, dark fiber providers can truly hold a winning solution in their networks.

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