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Low latency, high capacity, DWDM and CWDM over Dark Fiber - Solutions for Financial Institutions

Financial institutions face a unique set of challenges when it comes to their IT infrastructure, data center consolidation, synchronous storage application and encryption.  On one hand, financial institutes must rely heavily on their networks to increase their competitiveness by connecting data centers in a reliable low latency way and address the growing need for bandwidth capacity.  On the other hand, they need to ensure the security, confidentiality and constant availability of their data services and meet national and international compliance regulations.

Our Offering
The PacketLight products are aimed at helping financial institutions meet today's data connectivity and Business Continuity needs with carrier class, high performance yet user friendly and competitive products. Our offer to financial institutions and enterprises are the following core competencies:

  • Highly scalable secure optical solutions with low latency full throughput offering Layer-1 AES-256 encryption solution over dark fiber, DWDM, and OTN networks
  • Layer-1 DWDM and CWDM encryption
  • High throughput capability over short and long distances
  • Simple to install, configure and maintain privet optical backbone reducing the network operational cost
  • The most cost-effective and reliable disaster recovery and storage solutions with encryption capability for 4/8/10/16G FC
  • Maximizing ROI of the existing fiber infrastructure
  • Featuring extremely low latency transparent solution which is mandatory for most applications
  • Offering Layer-1 AES-256 encryption solution over dark fiber, DWDM, and OTN networks

Our Technology
Often, the best connectivity media for financial institutions to achieve their business objectives is the optical fiber in the form of dark fiber.  However, to implement fiber optic connectivity can be expensive unless using WDM technology and it is largely in the hands of the telecommunication providers.  PacketLight’s CWDM and DWDM products connect into both ends of the existing dark fiber infrastructure and provide the financial institutions and enterprises much easier and low cost path to high capacity connectivity while maintaining their own control over the fiber optic network in terms of the number type and capacity of services they would like the single fiber to carry as well as encryption of the data passing over it

WDM technology enables multiplexing of all commonly used network protocols at the photonic level. CWDM enables an extension of the dark fiber data transport capacity by a factor of 8 to 16 times, while DWDM enables scalability to up to 96 channels and provides immediate ROI for the user. Each DWDM wavelength supports up to 100Gbps capacity which leads to 9.6Tbps for the fiber. WDM technology can support multiple protocols and rate which all are spectrally separated within the same fiber such as: GbE, Fast Ethernet, 1/2/4/8/10/16Gbps FC, STM-1/STM-4/STM-16, and many other transport protocols. DWDM technology supports more channels and support higher traffic services such as 40Gbps, 100Gbps of LAN/WAN, 100G OTU4 protocols.


WDM equipment is generally located on the customer premises thus leaving the maintenance and scalability decisions to the customer. In a point-to-point configuration the PacketLight network appliance provides fiber termination and multiplexing functionality for the dark fiber, and in a ring topology provides the termination and drop and insert functionality at all nodes in the ring. Each node could be a different branch office or alternate data centers in a disaster recovery scenario.



PacketLight's enhanced PL-1000TE Crypto multi-rate, multi-service DWDM transponder offers Layer-1 cryptographic capability in compliance with NIST FIPS 140-2 standards and NSA Suite B requirements for GbE/10GbE and 40GbE services as well as for 4/8/10 and 16G Fibre Channel services. With this capability, the PL-1000TE Crypto now provides added security benefit to any DWDM link by encrypting the data passing between the sites.


PacketLight’s cryptography performs AES Encryption on layer-1 level without any degradation to the full rate bandwidth of the 1/10G services. The encrypted service provides full end-to-end transparency of service data and clock with a low latency of less than 20usec.


The equipment serves as the demarcation point between the Ethernet Switch, Fiber Channel switch or SONET/SDH ADM and the dark fiber. The PacketLight network appliances are designed in a cost effective 1U unit form factor, providing a compelling ROI; are easy to install, take up minimal rack space and use minimal power reducing the OPEX significantly. The devices can form a virtual chassis which can be expanded at any time to add more capacity and advanced higher capacity services without down time of the link. 

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