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Transponder Solutions

100G Coherent DWDM Transponder for Long Haul and Metro applications

100Gbe Transponder solutions for Long haul and Metro networks

100G Transponder for Metro and Enterprise applications

The PL-1000T is PacketLight’s 100G Transponder for high capacity optical transport solutions.

10Gbe Multiprotocol OTN Transponder - PL-1000TN

Up to 6 Multiprotocol transponders for mapping 8G/10G Services over OTU2 networks.

10Gb Ethernet DWDM Transponder- PL-1000

The most complete 1U, 4 channels 10G DWDM solution

Universal 622M to 16G Transponder - PL-1000TE

Universal CWDM/DWDM 100Mb to 16G optical transport
product supporting up to 8 transponders with flexible mix of industry
standard based protocols. It integrates a rich and cost effective feature
set in a compact 1U chassis with low power consumption.

WDM Sub-10 Solutions - PL-400

Highly flexible metro CWDM DWDM optical networking platform for transport of storage, data, voice, and video applications over dark fiber and CWDM DWDM optical networks.
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