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OTN Solutions

As result of the growth trends, a new Optical Transport Network (OTN) layer evolved over WDM network enabling more efficient convergence of traditional SONET/SDH and new data services.   The OTN layer is designed to for highly effective mapping of different protocols and rates into the same 10G uplink pipe providing high bandwidth capabilities, low heat dissipation, compact rack space requirements, and comparatively low cost. Furthermore, OTN infrastructure enables transport over longer distances with less regeneration sites by utilizing forward error correction (FEC) mechanism embedded within the OTN layer. Thus, the OTN layer forms the most efficient and cost effective Multi Service Provisioning Platform (MSPP) over WDM infrastructure.


100G OTN Optical Solutions

100G Muxponder and Transponder for metro and coherent optical long haul applications. The PL-1000GM/GT is an OIF standards based 1RU 100G DWDM platform that aggregates Multirate Multiprotocol 8G/10G and 40G services such as 10G/40G Eth, 8G/10G FC and OC192/STM64, OTU2/OTU3 in a single 100G OTU4 uplink trunk

10G DWDM CWDM OTN Transponder - PL-1000TN

Up to 6 Multiprotocol transponders for mapping 8G/10G Services over OTU2 networks.

PL-2000 MSPP

The PL-2000 is an OTN based Multirate/Multiprotocol Muxponder, with flexible uplink aggregation capacity of up to 20G
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