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WDM Sub-10 Solutions - PL-400

Highly flexible metro CWDM/DWDM optical networking platform for transport of storage, data, voice, and video applications over dark fiber and CWDM/DWDM optical networks. PL-400 is designed primarily as an efficient optical transport device, and is typically deployed as a CLE (Customer Located Equipment) in enterprise campus environments and in central offices or as service demarcation point for dark fiber providers and carriers.  PL-400 supports point-to-point, linear ADM and ring topologies with facility protection in CWDM and DWDM optical networks.

The PL-400 supports up to 8 high-speed services (2Mbps–4.25Gbps) over CWDM or DWDM. Chassis are stackable and used with the PL-300 passive external mux and can serve up to 16 CWDM wavelengths or up to 44 DWDM wavelengths. All optical transceivers, both on the service side and on the CWDM DWDM-uplink side, are pluggable and replaceable allowing pay-as-you-grow budget planning and simplified maintenance. Each service is configured independently using PacketLight’s user-friendly Web-based management tool.

PL-400 Data Sheet  PL-400 Data Sheet
FeaturesApplicationsUnique Selling PointsSolution Diagram
  • CWDM/DWDM Multiplexing of 8 Multi-rate from 2Mbps up to 4.25G client interfaces
  • Flexible multirate interfaces support
  • Support multiple teleprotection transport over WDM and dark fiber networks
  • GbE, Fast Ethernet, 1/2/4G FC, OC3/STM1, OC12/STM4, OC48/STM16, OTU-1, ESCON, DVB-ASI, SMTP-SDI
  • Support for video protocols: DVB-ASI, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G SD-SDI
  • Integrated dual EDFAs, Mux/DeMux and remote optical management channels
  • Built-in Performance Monitoring (FC, GbE, STM1/4/16, OC3/12/48)
  • Bidirectional 3R ensuring error free operation over distance
  • Supports ring, point to point and regeneration topologies
  • Support 1+1 facility protection
  • Two embedded OSC for management for either CWDM or DWDM applications
  • Support for SNMP management and integration into PacketLight LightWatch® NMS/EMS and 3rd party management tools
  • Scalable Solution up to 44 Wavelengths


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