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Optical Amplifier

“DWDM Booster Inline and Pre-Amplifier EDFA Solution”

The PL-1000IL DWDM amplifier is designed to extend the power link budget of DWDM solutions in a cost effective manner. The PL-1000IL provides amplification for a range of optical solutions starting from 4 wavelengths up to 96 DWDM wavelengths and incorporates 4 main types of low-noise EDFAs (Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers) Booster, Inline and Pre-Amplifier and Raman Amplifier for DWDM.


The EDFAs are gain flattened and have low Optical Signal to Noise Ratio (OSNR), thus enabling cascading of several EDFAs to form amplified link over long distances. PL-1000IL is fully integrated with other DWDM transponder/muxponder products. In addition, PL-1000IL unit are fully managed, configured, and monitored via PacketLight’s user-friendly Web-based management tool, PacketLight’s EMS solution or any third party SNMP based management tool.

PL-1000IL Data Sheet  PL-1000IL Data Sheet
FeaturesApplicationsUnique Selling PointsSolution Diagram
  • Supports up to 96 wavelengths
  • Integrated optical switch for facility protection
  • Integrated DCM (Dispersion compensation module) for long distance links
  • Offering variety of EDFA types: Booster, Inline, Midstage and Pre-Amplifiers
  • Up to 4 amplifier modules in 1U
  • Supports AGC (Automatic Gain Control) and APC (Automatic Power Control) operation modes
  • Embedded Optical Supervisory Channel for remote management and topology detection
  • Supports single and dual fiber operation
  • Dual AC or DC pluggable power supply and pluggable FAN units


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