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10G Multirate/Multiprotocol CWDM DWDM Muxponder - PL-2000


10G Muxponder PL-2000 provides efficient and flexible aggregation layer of multi-protocol/multirate sub-10G services into single 10G uplink trunk. The 10G OTU2 uplink can aggregate simultaneously SDH/SONET, Ethernet, Fibre Channel and Video services, thus providing a perfect access platform for multiple clients’ needs and allows merger of legacy and new services transparently. The rates and protocols supported range from Fast Ethernet to Gigabit Ethernet, 1/2/4G FC/FICON, STM-1/OC-3, STM-4/OC-12, STM-16/OC-48 and video signals of DVB-ASI, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G HD-SDI.

PL-2000 supports two modes of operation.  In one mode, it can aggregate up to 16 multirate/multiprotocol services into a single 10G OTU2 uplink pipe with a second 10G OTU2 uplink pipe providing full line protection. In another application, PL-2000 can aggregate 16 (dual 8) multirate/multiprotocol services into a 20G aggregated uplink pipe with OTU2 capability. This application is a perfect fit for ring applications and high bandwidth point to point applications. 

PL-2000 Data Sheet  PL-2000 Data Sheet
Feature OverviewApplicationsUnique Selling PointsSolution Diagram
  • Up to 16 multiprotocol and multirate services aggregation over a single or dual OTU2 uplinks
  • Service type supported are: Fast Eth, GbE, 1/2/4G FC/FICON, STM-1/OC-3, STM-4/OC-12, STM-16/OC-48 and video protocols such as DVB-ASI, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G HD-SDI
  • Dual standard based Optical Transport Network (OTN) OTU2 Uplinks supporting multiple Forward Error Correction (FEC/EFEC) types
  • 1+1 Facility uplink protection
  • Supports both Line and Service performance monitoring
  • Optional integrated EDFA and/or MUX/DEMUX modules


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