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Muxponder Solutions

PacketLight Networks WDM product line offers a solution for solving the newly formulated challenges and meets all of the criteria for planning a stable, easily managed and expandable fiber optic network efficiently and at considerably lower costs.  PacketLight’s muxponder family of products consisting of sub-10G muxponders and 10G Muxponder into 100G uplink is designed specifically to meet these challenges and provides efficient and flexible aggregation layer of multi-protocol/multirate sub-10G and 10G/40G services into common optical transport layer using OTU2 and OTU4 uplink trunksrespectively. Increasing fiber utilization and spectral efficiency of data transport further reduces the solution cost and operation complexity while increasing the reach and simplifying the growth path.


100G DWDM Muxponder Solutions

100G Muxponder Solutions for Metro and Long Haul Networks

10G Multirate/Multiprotocol CWDM DWDM Muxponder - PL-2000

10G muxponder PL-2000 is an advanced Multirate/Multiprotocol Muxponder, with flexible uplink aggregation capacity of up to 20G
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