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PacketLight Lightwatch™ NMS/EMS System

The PacketLight Lightwatch™ NMS/EMS is highly intuitive graphical network element management software providing full control and management capabilities for large scale WDM optical networks. PacketLight Lightwatch™ NMS/EMS is scalable to up to 500 network elements and 50 clients and supports MySQL or Oracle 10G Express databases on Windows or Linux Red Hat Operating Systems.

Compliant with FCAPS and TMN standards, PacketLight Lightwatch™ provides hierarchical topology of the devices making it simple to use and administer.

System Highlights:

  • Client Server Architecture
  • Scalable for growing networks
  • FCAPS functionality compliant with TMN standards
  • Multi-platform Java-based, support Windows and LINUX environments.
  • Supports both MySQL and Oracle™ databases
  • Scalable: Up to 500 network elements and 50 clients
  • Supports MySQL database or Oracle 10g Express™ database
  • Supports Windows 7, Windows XP and LINUX Red Hat Enterprise 5.2 systems
  • Manages all types of PL devices
  • Provide Java based NMS and EMS modules:
    -The NMS module is responsible for the network management functions
    -The EMS module provides single network element management


NMS/EMS Management Software - Light Watch, Download Data Sheet in PDF format  NMS/EMS Management Software - Light Watch, Download Data Sheet in PDF format
PacketLight Lightwatch™ FeaturesNMS HighlightsEMS HighlightsClient Server Architecture

PacketLight Lightwatch™ NMS/EMS system provides the following capabilities:

  • Network fault management: shows current alarms, history of network events, and supports even filtering and alarm correlation
  • Network Performance management: collects and displays performance monitoring information for months back
  • Network provisioning: Provides automatic discovery of new nodes, new networks and links
  • Network inventory display: allows filtering of the network elements according to field values and supports off-site storage of the inventory lists
  • Task scheduling for network operation such as SW download and configuration file upload/download
  • Network topology display of all nodes on the network
  • User management


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