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10Gb Ethernet DWDM Transponder- PL-1000


The PL-1000 is a carrier class leading 1U Metro DWDM platform, for transport of 10G Data, TDM/ATM and Storage Applications, over dark fiber and WDM networks. PL-1000 is designed primarily to address the growing needs for high data capacity applications such as DCI, IPTV, Triple play and NGN which needs to be transported over the same existing or new fiber infrastructures.  The PL-1000’s capabilities, dimensions and competitive cost make it the ideal solution for evolving metro Ethernet networks, enterprise networks, campus environments and central office connectivity. The PL-1000 supports up to 4 high-speed 10GB Ethernet services. Each service is configured independently, using PacketLight’s user-friendly Web-based management tool. Additionally, by stacking multiple PL-1000, customers can expand 4 wavelengths to up to 96 wavelength thus achieving high level of scalability and low initial investment in a pay-as-you grow architecture.


Download NOW - 10G DWDM Transponder - PL-1000 data sheet in PDF file  Download NOW - 10G DWDM Transponder - PL-1000 data sheet in PDF file
Feature OverviewApplicationsUnique Selling PointsSolution Diagram
  • Up to 4x10G protected services
  • Flexible multirate interfaces support10Gb Ethernet WAN/LAN, STM64/OC192, OTN (OTU-2), 10GB FC
  • Two embedded Optical Supervisory Channels (OSC) for management
  • Performance monitoring for STM64/OC192, 10GB FC and 10GB Ethernet WAN/LAN
  • Integrated Mux/Demux, DCM and Optical Amplifier (EDFA)
  • Dual pluggable AC or DC power supplies and FAN unit
  • Ring, point to point and regeneration topologies
  • 1+1 facility protection
  • Web GUI and SNMP and EMS management as well as 3rd party SNMP tools


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