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Up to 80Gb Layer-1 Encryption for Optical Networks

PL-1000TE Crypto
PL-1000TE Crypto

The PL-1000TE-Crypto is a multi-rate, multi-service Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing transponder (DWDM) supporting innovative cryptographic capability for 40GE, 10GbE, GbE data and 4/8/10/16G FC storage services. With this capability, the PL-1000TE-Crypto provides added security benefit to any DWDM link by encrypting the data passing between the sites.

On the data plane PL-1000TE cryptography performs layer-1 AES-256 Encryption to full bandwidth passing services. The encryption provides end-to-end transparency of data and clock with a low latency of less than 12usec for 10GbE.

PacketLight’s comprehensive encryption solution ensures three major concerns of optical link security:

  • Confidentiality- preventing disclosure of information to unauthorized parties
  • Data integrity- ensuring that the message has not been altered
  • Authentication- validating that both parties involved are indeed who they claim to be

On the management plane the PL-1000TE-Crypto supports the secured management protocols HTTPS, SSH, SNMPv3 and RADIUS, roll based user password and firewall. The PL-1000TE-Crypto also detects degradation in the fiber link performance for automatic detection of tapping attempt.

PL-1000TE Crypto Data Sheet  PL-1000TE Crypto Data Sheet
Feature OverviewApplicationsUnique Selling PointsSolution Diagram
  • 8 Encrypted Transponders in a compact 1U chassis
  • Supports the following client service types:
          Data: GbE/10G/40G Ethernet
          Storage: 4G/8G/10/16G FC
  • High end Encryption core:
          GCM- AES-256 Layer-1 data encryption
          Periodical Diffie Hellman key exchange
          Configurable period of up to 1 minute
          Complies with NIST FIPS-140-2
          Level 2 and NSA Suite B requirements
  • Uses pluggable SFP/SFP+ optics for both service and uplinks
  • Supports full C-Band Tunable DWDM Line sides (SFP/SFP+)
  • Optional integrated EDFAs, Mux/Demux and Optical Switch modules
  • Bidirectional performance monitoring
  • Supports single and dual fiber
  • Dual AC/DC pluggable Power Supply and pluggable FAN Unit


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