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100G LAN Media Conversion

Nowadays, 100G ports on Routers, Switches and Optical Transport Equipment are becoming more and more common as demand for data capacity keeps growing. As there are many different 100G physical layer standards supporting different media types (LR4/ER4/SR10), form factors (CFP,CFP2CFP4,QSFP28) and distances, there is growing demand for 100G media conversion functionality. The 100G media converter enables effective connectivity where different types of 100G equipment interfaces are required to be connected with each other. PacketLight Networks’ carrier class PL-1000T is a compact, 1U, rack mountable product which is the ideal 100G solution for LAN to LAN media conversion within the data center or between data centers. 


100G LAN Media Conversion Functionality:

For LAN to LAN Media conversion functionality only a single PL-1000T device is used to connect two 100G 3rd party devices.  Two CFP pluggable modules are used to connect to the 3rd party devices and adopt the 100G media types.

The PL-1000T supports dual CFP form factors on the client side and on the line side, any conversion hereunder is supported:

PacketLight’s PL-1000T is a unique solution built with carrier class feature set and grading of 99.999% availability. It features dual AC or DC redundant hot swappable power supply, along with MTBF of more than 20 years including optics, and with low power consumption.

The PL-1000T is provided with HTTP/s or SNMP management interfaces and with full monitoring of the optical interfaces.

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